This labor day weekend we decided we needed a break. A break from the mundane can be great for our mental health levels, we thought, and we could sure use an adventure or two. But we also didn’t want to break the bank. Our solution? Staycation!

We cashed in the free one year family membership to Union Station that Jake won at this year’s Maker’s Fair. We go to Union Station for the post office and exhibits (we really loved the dinosaur exhibit last fall), but we had never been to Science City before now. That’s because we didn’t realize it was so darn cool! We didn’t even have time to do half of the interactive things in Science City, but we did pretend to be astronauts, play music with PVP pipes, puzzle out optical illusions, construct a water maze, look at the city through binoculars, and play on a really cool playground. And that’s just a sample.

Union Station

We also visited the Planetarium, which I think was Jonas’ favorite part.

Science City was so much fun that we’re going to try to make it a weekly visit! I can’t believe that we walk by the place in Union Station once a week and had never gone in.

Need a cure for a rainy day? What gems are hidden away in your city? Try something new!

I’ll post our Sunday staycation photos tomorrow. Get ready for a ton of cute zoo action!

P.S. If you’re wondering about Eliza’s goggles, she’s channeling the Dr. Horrible within. Totally her idea, but we roll with it (especially since her self-expression is now limited five
e days a week by school uniforms).