Little Jonas hit the 8 month mark on August 29th! He seems like a completely different baby than the little army crawler from last month.

Here’s what’s new with Jonas since the 7 month mark.

Jonas @ 8 months

-He’s always a moving target; he’s getting much harder to photograph. Most of our photos of him now are blurry.

Jonas @ 8 months

-He is ALWAYS ON THE MOVE. He loved his walker at the beginning of the month, but as soon as he figured out how to pull up, all he wants to do is cruise. He’ll army crawl just far enough to reach the next big thing to climb up on. He’ll even pull up on our legs and hang on tight while we walk slowly as he holds on. He’s gotten daring, acquiring quite a few head bruises as he tries to make it cruising from one piece of furniture to the next.

-He kind of skipped the crawling on all fours thing. He’ll get on all fours in order to pull himself up. He also assumes that position if there’s something interesting to play with on the floor. But his preferred modes of transportation are cruising and army crawling.

-Relating to the previous point, Jonas is no longer snuggly. It used to be easy to snuggle him to sleep, but now he thinks it is time to play if we’re near him. The only way he’ll sleep is if we put him in his crib, turn out the light, and shut the door. Even then, he spends a good five minutes trying to escape before he gives up. Even if he’s tired, he’ll try to crawl or climb away. He’ll kind of snuggle if we stand with him. He’ll bury his head into our chest for a few seconds, then pick his head back up and look around, then bury his head again. That’s how we know he’s sleepy.

Jonas' First Boat Ride

-Between 7 and 8 months, Mister Jonas had his first boat ride (which is a big deal on the Anderson side of the family). Eliza was about this same age when she went on a lake vacation with us; Jonas seemed to enjoy the day out on the boat as much as she did (even if he looks really grumpy in the photo).  He wasn’t so much a fan of the swimming portion of the day though.

-He’s now eating solids three times a day. He much prefers to eat soft foods he can pick up himself, like bananas and avocados, to pureed food, but he’ll eat both. He’s very good at picking up food, but he isn’t as precise if there’s more than one thing at a time on his tray. If there’s one peice of food, he’ll carefully pick it up between two fingers. If there is a bowl of food, he’ll grab a fistful and smooch it into his mouth. (Then most of it ends up in his lap).  He almost always needs a bath after eating.

-At 8 months, he’s got 5 teeth and wants to use ’em. He’s tried a really wide range of foods by now (peas, nectarines, peaches, bananas, papaya, yogurt, strawberries, kiwi, broccoli, sweet potatoes, mango, carrots, avocado, green beans, plums, apples…). We really need to write a post on how cheap and easy it is to make baby food.

-Still breastfeeding three or four times a day, but he doesn’t seem to find it as comforting as Eliza did. He doesn’t nurse before naps or bed, he prefers to eat first thing in the morning and as snacks. He doesn’t seem to like that he can’t be mobile while eating (sometimes he’ll try to crawl while still latched on). He might not last a whole year, which is my intention. We’ll see how it goes.

Jonas + Nathan

-Jonas and his cousin Nathan are getting to enjoy each other’s company more now that they are at stages where they are interested in some of the same stuff- the play mat, for instance. I just have to hover close because Jonas has a tendency to try to eye-gouge.

-J-bird is getting much more vocal. He’s saying indiscriminate “ma ma ma”s and “da da da”s all of the time. Jake likes to rub it in that he tends to say “da da” when he’s happy and whine “ma ma” when he’s upset. You know, because Jake’s the fun one? We know this isn’t true, but it’s been a running joke for the past month.

Jonas @ 8 months

-We’re still going strong with the cloth diapers, but we did use disposables part of the time when we were staying with Jake’s parents for a week during the whole flea debacle. We only packed enough cloth for a day because we had no idea we’d be staying so long. We went back to the house to get more diapers, but Jake’s parents watched the kids so much while we were bombing/cleaning that we ended up using more disposables than cloth for the week because the grandparents prefer them.

-Speaking of staying away from home for a week, Jonas spent the most time away from me he ever had this month. It felt weird to be away from him for six or eight hours at a time while we were getting the house ready for re-inhabitation, but the trouble came at the right time in the weaning process, at least (this would have been much harder if he was still nursing exclusively).

-He started getting separation anxiety this month. He wants me and whines if I’m in the room or he hears my voice, but he’s fine again as soon as I leave (this drives Jake nuts).

-He reaches for people if he’s comfortable with them and lets you know when he wants to be picked up (he knows what “up” means).

Jonas @ 8 months

He shrieks with delight if someone he loves enters the room (especially big sister Eliza). He also gets SUPER excited when he sees an animal. (The cats will learn that shriek of delight really means RUN any day now).

Jonas @ 8 months

-J can sit up, but doesn’t prefer to unless he’s playing with a toy. He’s too busy for sitting. He has learned how to fall on his bum if he starts to loose his balance, though, which makes for fewer head bruises.

-He’s suddenly sleeping more. He’ll go to bed at 7:30 or 8:00 and will sleep for almost 12 hours. He also takes two naps during the day. But those naps are usually spent cleaning up after him, so it doesn’t really feel like a time gain.

Jonas @ 8 months

-Even though this is the most exhausting stage yet (The Bonus cannot be contained!!!), it is our favorite by far. He’s so expressive! His little personality just shines through. Eliza loves that he can now play with her; she likes to invite him to her tea parties. We can’t wait to see what’s next.

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