Eliza's Reads: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Eliza and I have moved on to reading chapter books together before she goes to bed. We read picture books every other night (so she can pick up word recognition and learn to read on her own), but three or four nights a week Potter is king. Eliza, who is very proud to have Eliza’s Reads on the blog right along with Mommy’s, finished reading the second installment of the Harry Potter Series with me on August 27. We read the last fifty pages together in one night, which was unprecidented. But Eliza couldn’t wait to hear what happened.

***There’s a few spoilers in the rest of the post****

When E heard “Her body will lie in the chamber forever”, she literally sat straight up in bed and yelled, “No!!!”

I’m loving how into the story she’s getting.

Not only is Eliza totally loving the books and the bonding time that comes with them, she’s absorbing way more information than I thought was possible. When I was asking her about the book the day after we’d finished it (to both see what she liked and what she remembered), she shocked me with the things she said.

For example: I asked if she remembered whose house Dobby the house elf worked in before he was freed. She said, “He has to work for Lucius Malfoy, who isn’t nice to him at all. He’s very mean. He’s Draco’s dad. Draco’s mean too.” When I asked who her favorite teacher was, she said, “I like the one that turns into a cat, Mcsomething, I can’t remember her name… she teaches Transfiguration, do you remember her?” I told her the teacher’s name and she said, “Yeah, Madam McGonagall. She’s really strict, but she’s fair and she seems like a really good teacher.” (She’s used to calling teachers Madam from school.)

She reports that her favorite part was when they “were in Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom using the Polyjuice Potion to turn into Crabbe and Goyle so they could question Malfoy about the Chamber of Secrets, but then Hermione kind of turned into a cat. But it got messed up and she had to go to the hospital wing because the Polyjuice Potion is just for turning into humans, not animals. But she had a tail, isn’t that funny?”  Her least favorite part was the “part with the basilisk, you know, the big snake. That was way scary.”

Eliza's Reads: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Do you read chapter books with your kids? What are some of their favorites or your favorites from when you were young?