Those of you who have been following us for awhile know our 365 2011 project. We’re taking a photo a day this year and compiling them into weekly photo collages. You also might be wondering where they’ve gone. Don’t worry: we didn’t give up! We’ve gotten super behind on blogging them because the photos got all spread out over multiple devices while we were out of our house for a week during the whole flea debacle. Now we’re (almost) all caught up!

365 2011: Week 32

Day 218. Jake’s dad gave us awesome Royals game tickets, so we went on a double date with Harvey and Lisa (and Jonas). We’re not big into sports (though Harvey definatley is), but we love the atmosphere. So fun. Eliza spent the night at Jake’s parents house.

Day 219. We took Jake’s Dad’s little boat to Smithville Lake. Jake, the kids, and I went with Jake’s brother Nick, his girlfriend Krista, and Jake’s sister Savannah. We met up with some cousins and friends on another boat at the lake too. It rained pretty hard, so we spent a lot of the time at the marina. But it was still nice and warmish the rest of the time. It was Jonas’ first time on the boat. He really liked it! Especially when we were moving. The swimming and lifejacket: not so much.

Day 220. My mom brought us some awesome vintage playbills.

Day 221. Eliza concentrating on Connect 4. She’s getting really good at games like this (and beats us fair and square quite a bit). Playing defense for diagonal four in a rows is a difficult concept for her; it is so fun to watch her learn!

Day 222. My mom’s birthday. We had a girl’s day and got haircuts, visited fancy cooking equipment stores, and had a delicious lunch at Cafe Tandoor, a super yummy Indian-Pakistani resturant recently opened up by some nice aquantances of ours.

Day 223. Jonas is constantly on the move. It’s hard to get a picture of him that isn’t very blurry. He’s a moving target.

Day 224. Double babies! Jonas and his cousin Nathan are really starting to get interested in stairing at each other and making baby noises to one another.

365 2011: Week 33

Day 225. Jonas loves it outside! During this heat, diaper-only is his outfit of choice.

Day 226. Jonas hanging with his cousin Karson on K’s first birthday! The party was at Chuck E Cheese, so Eliza had a total blast.

Day 227. The kids hanging with Uncle Nick. They both love him so much! Eliza talks his ear off every time she sees him and Jonas immediately reaches for him at first sight!

Day 228. Eliza showing off her first lost tooth.

Day 229. Eliza concentrating on building with Lincoln Logs. Building toys are our favorite. These would be so much more fun if we had a trillion sets… for Christmas, perhaps?

Day 230. It was super hot out, so we visited Murray’s Ice Cream. Jonas may have stolen some of Jake’s ice cream… his mouth got covered in chocolate ice cream; he looked like a baby goth with that black onesie and his lips all dark!

Day 231. Poor kitties. We realized we had a flea problem and had to kennel them on the porch while we stayed with Jake’s parents and flea bombed the house.

365 2011: Week 34

Day 232. Ugh. Flea problem, huge storm, fallen tree, no electricity… read about it here.

Day 233. Our poor cats are miserable. They were under a tarp during the storm a few nights previous, but the didn’t beat the wet for long. Now they have to have a flea shampoo bath. I’m expecting revenge poo in my shoe any day now.

Day 234. We spent the whole week at Jake’s parents because we had to bomb the house so many times. Eliza and Jonas couldn’t have been happier to get to spend a whole week with their grandparents. They also loved playing in the GIANT bathtub.

Day 235. Back to school night! We got to meet Eliza’s teacher and her best friend N. from summer school. Eliza was so happy that N. is in her class!

Day 236. Eliza’s first day of school. We had to borrow my grandpa’s car so I could take E to school because Jake’s parents live far away from her school. Driving her out and picking her up, Jonas and I spent almost 4 hours a day in the car. It was definitely a routine shift. Good thing school started on Wednesday instead of Friday.

Day 237. Jake takes an awesome picture of his brother Corbin. Photo tip here.

Day 238. Jonas’s favorite thing about hanging out in suburbia: the cool ride.

365 2011: Week 35

Day 239. Eliza’s first day of fall Spanish Class at the The Language Workshop for Children at the Kid’s Club. We thought about stopping Spanish because E’s regular school is French immersion (how confusing could that get?), but Eliza loves Spanish class and was asking when it starts. Unfortunately, the classes close to our house were cancelled, so we’re trucking 45 minutes to class.

Day 240. Our last day at Jake’s parent’s house. Jake and I played with the kids a little in the morning and spent the whole rest of the day cleaning our house from top to bottom to make it safe post-flea bomb.

Day 241. Eliza’s first official back to school bus ride (I had to drive her the first week). She rode the bus for summer school, so this was no big deal (thus the “why are you taking pictures of me?” face).

Day 242. It’s nice to get settled back into our home routine. Jonas changed so much in the week we spent at Jake’s parents; Eliza is excited to have a real life playmate.

Day 243. Jonas is pulling up and cruising on everything!

Day 244. I pose for photos for my July Reads post.

Day 245. How cute is this guy?

365 2011: Week 36

Day 246. We start off Part 1 of our staycation at Union Station.

Day 247. Part 2 of our staycation at the zoo.

Day 248. Part 3 of our staycation at Loose Park.

Day 249. Jake takes a fancy self portrait.

Day 250. Eliza’s Reads: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Day 251. Jake and Jonas just chillin’. I’m jealous that Jonas will snuggle with Jake, but not with me (the second that I walk in the room Jonas wants me to pick him up and walk around with him). The J boys hang out in the mornings after Eliza gets on the bus, before Jake goes to work and usually while I’m cooking dinner too.

Day 252. What’s for Dinner!

365 2011: Week 37

Day 253. We’re making the most of that Science City membership. They have mini golf! Woot!

Day 254. You have to get a photo of the baby crying, otherwise you’re not documenting the experience fully. Right?

Day 255. I love that we’re finally having fall sweater weather. Jake received his rented camera lens for Harvey and Lisa’s wedding (more on that later), so everyone in the family got shot this week.

Day 256. How cute is Jonas?

Day 257. Eliza can read!

Day 258. Jake being super handsome. I’m hoping one of our babies eventually will get those chocolaty eyes.

Day 259. Nick all dressed up and spiffy. He’s on his way to a wedding.

That’s us! What have you been up to?