We’re not in Kansas anymore, blogland. We’ve hopped the state boarder back to the Missouri side of Kansas City after a week hiatus from the flea infested Holly House. Jake’s parents (aka Aba and Papa Timmy) kept us from being homeless while we bombed, powdered, sprayed, and washed the house. We’re proud to say we’ve sent those fleas into oblivion (though there could be some surprise hatchings over time, but with diligent cleaning we’ll hopefully minimize that). We spent the entire weekend cleaning the house from top to bottom so any traces of poison would be gone before the kids came back.

I’m still scrubbing flea powder from the cracks in our hardwood floors (hello toothbrush). Floor washing makes me nostalgic; I loved scrubbing floors when I was a child because it made me feel like Cinderella.

So needless to say, we’re pretty exhausted.

We loved staying with Jake’s family and were so so thankful they could take us in. It almost felt like a vacation, actually. The bonding time was amazing (I have the best in-laws on the planet, and can say that even though I have TWO mother-in-laws!!!).

But we are super glad to be home. It’s nice to not have to spend four hours in the car a day (Jake’s parents live an hour away from Eliza’s school). It was nice to go grocery shopping. It’s nice to streeeech out on our bed. It’s nice to switch back to cloth diapers (Jake’s step-mom prefers disposables and she spent a LOT of time with Jonas as we prepped the house last week). It’s nice to have our iMac, which houses all of our photos, back.

We missed the kitties. We missed Nick (who was also stuck homeless for a week). And this is so not Fight Club, but we missed our stuff. We missed random friends and family members popping in. We missed our neighborhood.

Eliza and Jonas Playing Together

Now that we’re back, everything feels different. Even though Eliza had summer school, she really feels like a big kid now. Jonas is cruising everywhere (do they sell baby helmets?) and has sudden mama separation anxiety (but only while he can see me). Jake and I have earlier bedtimes, so mornings are much more relaxed. Jonas and Eliza are playing together instead of Eliza just trying to entertain Jonas. He’s playing too.

Life is good.

We’re home.