Summertime Splash Close-Up

As I’m getting used to this new Jonas-is-crawling-around thing, I’m finally finding the time to break out the paper and glue (read: by ignoring the dishes and dirty laundry piles). And even though most of these pictures are already in the summer mini, I wanted a 12×12 of the pictures as well. These photos capture the feeling of summer so well that I don’t mind that they are repeated in both places.

Summertime Splash

Tips and Tricks from this layout

*Fit tons of photos (5 in this case) on a page without it feeling cluttered by picking one focal photo to print in large format and several supporting photos in a smaller size.

*Cut down journaling cards to use as photo backgrounds, as I did with the photos on the left.

*See that pretty yellow strip with the dots on the bottom right? That’s actually a ribbon strip with a rub-onpressed onto it. If you have trouble with rub-ons, I highly recommend my Making Memories Stylus, but it’s discontinued on its own. You can find it in the MM Tool Kit Deluxe. You’ll never use a popsicle stick again.

*If you love a busy patterned paper’s color scheme but don’t want it to overwhelm your photos, cut it into tiny strips to use as a border.

*Think outside of the pre-made embellishment. I liked the stacked blue felt flower embellishment, but the original button color in the center wasn’t working. I popped it off and sewed a button better suited for the embellishment on.