Jonas @ 7 months

Here’s what’s new with the J-bird since he hit the 6 month mark. As is habit, this is coming late. J-bird hit the 7 month mark back on the 29th.

-This past month contained the hardest teething we’ve had so far. He’s up to four teeth now.

-Jonas is still breastfeeding. Between the six and seventh month mark, he ate homemade purees once a day (he’s up to twice now, plus a snack of finger food). Jonas isn’t calm when nursing anymore. He’ll pull down the modesty blanket if I have one, so feeding in public is out. He looks up whenever there’s an interesting sound and then goes right back to eating (I tell him that it’s not a buffet, but he doesn’t seem to care). This habit reminds me of Jake’s need to look out of the window every time he hears sirens. Jonas moves his legs like he’s trying to crawl sometimes while eating too. He might wean faster than Eliza did; I don’t know if he’ll stay still long enough to eat when he gets a little bigger.

-He learned to army crawl! Poor cats. He’s super fast and can get from one end of a room to the other before I can blink.

-He loves his walker and can do a lap around the first floor in it. His favorite game is to have me spread his toys out around the living room at Jonas height so he can “walk” around, grab them, play with them until they fall on the floor, and move on to the next toy.

-He’s loving to swim. He went to the pool for the first time at Jake’s job’s gym (say that three times fast) and was very pleased with the zero entry. We now let him splash around in the bath tub with two inches of water and a rubber duck. He likes to hit the water with his hand.

-Jonas started to really show preferences this month. He’ll squirm and hold his arms out to the person he wants to hold him. He’s starting to prefer me when he’s upset. He lights up when Eliza enters the room. He’s choosing to play with certain toys over others.

-He has a “new object” process. When he’s never played with something before he does the following: look at it, pass it between both hands, taste it, shake it, bang it against something, bite it. Repeat as needed until object is figured out (or Mom and Dad take it).

-He’s pretty quiet still. He squeals when he’s happy and takes a deep breath that makes a cute “haaaah” sound when he knows one of us is going to pick him up (he knows what “Up” means and gets excited). He’s not babbling off many consonants unless he’s crying (indiscriminate mamamamams and dadadadadas, which pulls on our heartstrings even though we know he’s stringing sounds together and not asking for us).

-He can pull up to standing, but not in his crib because we lowered the mattress. He can cruise a few steps before falling on his bum and can stand as long as he’s got something to steady himself using one hand.

-He’s having a love affair with Gerber Sweet Potato Puffs. The resulting diapers are much better than those that are proceeded by Cheerios because G. Puffs don’t have fiber (which babies don’t need).

-He can sit without support, but he can’t get into the sitting position by himself. (He’s not all that interested in sitting… you can’t go places when you’re sitting. He feels the same way about Pack-N-Plays.)

-He won’t really snuggle with us anymore. He’s on the go. I used to take a morning nap with him, but now I have to put him in his crib or he won’t fall asleep. He’ll just try to crawl out of my arms to rip up whatever book I’m reading if I try to snuggle him.

-Even though we don’t technically let him watch TV, he loves Yo Gabba Gabba. He loves his Gabba toys and likes to dance to the songs.
I recently caught Jake watching it with Jonas snuggling in the crook of his arm.
“You’re not letting the BABY watch television, are you?” I demanded.
Jake shook his head with his “got caught with my arm in the cookie jar” face. My come-back was my “I’m being very serious here, sir” face.
“It’s the only way I could get him to snuggle with me!”
Caught. What a cheater. 🙂

-His favorite book is Goodnight Moon.

-It is interesting to compare Jonas to Eliza when she was his age. He’s much more physically active than she was at this point, but she was much more vocal than he is. They both have the same overall baby temperament, though: chill.

Jonas @ 7 months

I can’t believe Jonas is in his seventh month already! I feel like the time is flying by; he’s barely even a baby anymore.