365 2011: Week 31

Day 211. Lisa’s wedding shower! It was tons of fun. We watched Nathan for the night so Beth & Brad go out. Double babies is way easier when Jake’s there too.

Day 212. Mr. Jonas pigging out on sweet potato puffs (or as we say, Pooooofs!). He loves to snack on them and is getting really good at self-feeding. I didn’t write down what we did and I’ve absolutely forgotten how we spent the day.

Day 213. Jonas is very interested in the computers. Jake’s taking it as a sign that he’s going to be following in Daddy’s footsteps.

Day 214. Eliza left for Jake’s Dad’s house and stayed over there pretty much all week. Making Jonas’ baby food. Who needs to buy extra equipment when you’ve got a Crock Pot and blender on hand? (I make big batches and freeze it in ice cube trays.)

Day 215. Double babies day. Jonas learns to play pots-and-pans drums. Our friend Matt came over and we stayed up talking until the wee hours, but he kept deleting the pictures I took of him. So I don’t have proof.

Day 216. I had to take a picture of the lovely latte art my friend Meredith made. Impressive, eh? Jonas and I hung out at the coffee shop a bit, met other babies, talked to neighbors, and I worked on my book after J bird fell asleep.

Day 217. We did a photo shoot the many many typewriters we have around the house for an upcoming shop update.