The Interweb is abuzz with grief that Harry Potter is truley ending tonight, as the last movie premiers. Just in case you haven’t heard; we’d like to tell you not to worry. The end is not nigh. Because come October, there will be Pottormore. What is Pottormore, you may ask? We’ll let J. K. Rowling tell you herself:

If you follow me on Twitter, then you already know about this. There was a minute-by-minute countdown to the announcement on J. K. Rowling’s YouTube channel (Which we think is brilliant marketing, by the way. Perfect way to hype up the site.).

We wish we had figured out the “follow the owls” scavenger when the video was first released. During the countdown, owls surrounded frame of the video and at the end of the clip Rowling said that a few fans would be able to get into the website early:

 “All you have to do is follow the owls,” she said.

We procrastinated (typical us) and now the owls are gone. Sigh. We’ll have to wait until October.

But if you didn’t catch the post-Hallows articles and feel a little at a loss after the last movie installment, you can read this MSNBC article, in which Rowling tells fans a bit about what happens after the epilogue.



P. S. This seems like a good time to tell you that I finished reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone  (Philosopher’s Stone for our international readers) with Eliza. It was much slower going after summer school started and we didn’t have time to read a whole chapter every night (we talked about beginning it here).

Eliza and Megan Read Harry Potter

Eliza said the following about the book:

-Her favorite part is when Harry looks into the Mirror [of Erised] and finds the stone in his pocket.

-Her favorite character is Harry Potter because he is brave, and nice, and does cool things like ride on broomsticks.

-Her least favorite character is Quirell (she called him “squirrel” at first).

-She likes the movie a little better than the book because there is talking and pictures and with the book there’s just talking (me reading). The book is cooler than the movie in some respects: she likes spending time with me, that the book is longer than the movie, and that there are extra things in the book that aren’t in the movie.

We’re in the middle of reading Coraline now. Neil Gaimon rocks.

P. P. S. We’re wimpy/thrifty and aren’t going to the midnight showing (even though it is tradition). Eliza has school in the morning, and we want her to go to the movie with us. We don’t want to take Jonas (and might have trouble finding someone watch him until 3 in the morning). And we enjoy the price reduction at matinees. So we’ll catch it Sunday.

Are you a Potter fan? Tell us all about it!