Jonas is adding some upper chompers to his two bottom teeth this week, and man has it been rough.


Baby tooth numbing medication is on its way to becoming re-called and pediatricians are warning against its use in children under two (read why here and here). So we’re stuck with good old fashioned teething rings, which aren’t cutting it. We’ve been giving him baby ibuprofen to keep his fever down, but it doesn’t seem to be helping with the pain.

He’s wanted to be held for the past 48 hours and refused to nurse today. He’s on a nursing strike (which is so so stressful), but luckily he didn’t refuse milk outright. He drank breastmilk from a bottle a few times today. (We aren’t worried about nipple confusion because he drinks from a bottle every once in awhile when I go out without him.) He wouldn’t take the bottle from me, though. Just Jake and my sister Taylor. He also refused baby food.

Jonas Teething

Here’s to hoping tomorrow is a little less painful for Jonas and a little less stressful for the rest of us. And then we’ll be back to regularly scheduled programing.