Hello everyone! It’s Jake here. I’ve created the first of hopefully many tutorials from My main focus is going to be on tutorials in photoshop aimed at beginners looking to learn for the first time. But it isn’t just photoshop I’ll talk about, I’ll also cover photography and web development in the tutorials to come!

Today’s tutorial is focused on color correction, exposure correction, adjustment layers, filters, sizing, and general tips/tricks in photoshop. It’s a good all around “get-your-feet-wet” kind of tutorial. Color Correction Photoshop tutorial from The Nerd Nest on Vimeo.

I choose to edit a photo of our friends Harvey and Lisa who are getting married soon. I recently shot their engagement photos (and will shoot more engagement photos in the future when it isn’t so blistering hot outside :). The lighting was VERY harsh on the day of the shoot; not a cloud in the sky! My white balance was a little off, and some of the photos have incorrect colors. The video tutorial above covers fixing this.

If you have any tutorial requests, PLEASE LET US KNOW! We’ll be constantly looking for new ideas for tutorials. Anything goes! You wanna know how, we’ll tell you what we know! Computers, Software, Photography, Operating Systems, Scrapbooking, Crafts, Electronics, Music, etc.