This post is a little late. Jonas actually hit the 6 month mark back on the 29th of June. It’s amazing how much he’s changed in just the two weeks since then! But we’ll pretend we’re posting this on time. Here’s everything Jonas was doing when he hit the 6 month mark:

Jonas at 5 1/2 months

-He really started to move around. He figured out that he could use his ability to roll in both directions to get to things like toys. If we laid him on a blanket, he was at the blanket’s edge at the blink of an eye. At the six month mark, he was wiggling and squirming his way around, but hadn’t started to do this yet.

-He started eating solids once a day most days (see here).

-He stopped sleeping through the night once the teeth started coming in. He gets up once to get changed, snuggle, and eat now. He got two at once; the bottom center ones.

-He was grabbing for everything he can get his little hands on and is especially interested in our food.

-He was really started to notice the cats. (Well, cat. He seems to want to eat Charcoal. Ashes is smart enough to stay clear of Jonas.)

-He’s mostly waltzed around in just a cloth diaper. It’s too hot for clothes (though he’ll wear a t-shirt or onesie when we leave the house).

-He figured out how to take off his diaper. Uh-oh.

-He could stand when holding on to something, but wasn’t interested in sitting up. (You can’t go anywhere in that position, after all.) He can sit for a few seconds, but is only willing to try if there’s something to play with in the center of his legs.

-He did fine with the transition to his own room, but we still haven’t put up most of his decorations. Embarrassing fact: most of Eliza’s wall art is still in what is now Jonas’ room.  And Jonas’ map is still in our room. We’ll get to it…

-He’d laugh and giggle for as long as we were willing to play peek-a-boo. (He especially loves it when we put him in his crib and sink down under it and then pop back up. He gets smart and peeks through the bars so we can’t hide, though.)


*We don’t know how much he weighs and such; he’s going in for a 7 month check-up instead of a six month check-up for some reason.

Jonas at 5 1/2 months

The first and third photos in this post were taken at 5 1/2 months. Here’s a few little notes that I jotted about Jonas at 5 1/2 months:

Jonas pulls on his ear when he’s sleepy. He’ll pull on my ear too. Maybe he’s trying to soothe me. He rubs his eyes and clocks the light with his arm when he’s trying to fall asleep.

He pulls his ear when he’s mad sometimes too. But mostly when he’s mad he slaps his hand down, like someone hitting their leg at a hilarious punch line.

I love to bury my face in his chubby cheeks, but he won’t stand for that if he’s in an active mood; he’ll pull my hair and pinch my cheeks. He seems surprised that he can’t just pull my face off with his teeny grasping hands. It reminds me when his razor mails need to be cut, at least.

He’s teething now, so he wants to be held ALL THE TIME. But he’s on the move too, so I feel like I’m being scaled.

He rubs his feet together when he’s nursing. It reminds me of a cricket.

He smiles really big when he wakes up and we’re there. He smiles when we talk to him.

These are the kinds of things I think I’ll remember but won’t, so I’m glad to have the opportunity to document them.

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