Week 26

Day 176. Corbin spent the night and our friend Matt came over with his dog Pav (as in Pavlov… don’t worry, the pouch still has his cheeks). Eliza spent the night with her Abba and Papa Timmy (we basically traded kids). Jonas ate carrots for the first time; it was our first real trial run of making baby food at home (he ate applesauce previously, but that hardly counts). We’ll do an in-depth post on baby food next week!

Day 177. Jake and Corbin went to the Maker Fair. You can read about it here.

Day 178. We worked on Eliza’s indoor garden. Read about it here.

Day 179. We had a blast outside. All it takes is a hose to create summer fun. Read about it (and see more cute photos) here.

Day 180. Eliza had her very first field trip. They went to the red barn farm. She was a little upset that the baby animals had been taken away from their families at other farms. My friend Tiffany came over for lunch with her super cute little daughter. Then Jake and I watched two kids belonging to a couple we’re friends with so they could go out on a date! Crazy day. And for some reason, the only photo that came out of all this action was the one for the Vintage Book post we did.

Day 181. Brown out! Ugh. Since we couldn’t do anything with our electronics (including lights for reading), Jake entertained himself with a laser he got at the Maker Fair.

Day 182. Black out! Looks like we’re going out to eat for awhile. We’re at Noodles & Company (best mac & cheese ever… but so unhealthy) in this photo. The brown out/black out story is here.

Week 27

Day 183. Garage Sale! We finally had the sale that had been rained out for weeks. Jonas is soaking up the air conditioning while we’re outside selling away. We then went to my Dad’s for my Step-Mom’s birthday party.

Day 184. We went to the movies! All of us! Here’s the story.

Day 185. Forth of July! We went to a public fireworks show with my Dad’s side of the family and then went to Jake’s Dad’s. Eliza spent the night there.

Day 186. Jake worked on outside programing projects.

Day 187. Eliza went back to school after her five day weekend. (I just noticed she’s wearing the same outfit that she wore on her first day. That’s not all she wears; I promise.)

Day 188. I post our summer scrapbook for a guest post at Alexandra Rae Designs. The giveaway is still open, so go ENTER.

Day 189. I watched baby Nathan for the first time and had double trouble with two babies! (Here’s the post.) I’m glad my sister Taylor was there to help out; Jonas was teething and was a little more challenging than usual. We had dinner at d’Bronx, which is super yummy pizza.

Week 28

Day 190. Toughest Jonas day yet. He went on a nursing strike and cried/wanted to be held all day. Read about it here.

Day 191. Harvey’s birthday! We went to Grinder’s.

Day 192. I watch both Nathan and Jonas during the day for the first time by myself. Whew.

Day 193. Eliza stayed home from school because she had a slight temperature the day before with a sore throat. But she was 100% fine today. Taylor hung out with us. Also, Jonas learned to army crawl (See?).  He was still mostly miserable from teething.

Day 194. I watch both Nathan and Jonas during the day. My family (Beth, Nathan, Poppy, my Mom) had dinner with us. The stove got fixed (Yay! We were sans stove because of the power surge during the black-out). Jonas gets a guitar lesson.

Day 195. Poppy came over to see Eliza and Jonas before he left for vacation. I noticed an extreme improvement in behavior from Ashes, who has been a very naughty kitty for the last few months. She hasn’t been very snuggly and has been urinating all sorts of unpleasant places (like on Jonas’ clean laundry). She’s all better now. (I don’t blame her for acting out. I’d pee on someone’s shoes if I had to move to a strange new place, got subjected to a weird-smelling attention-stealing loud thing, and had my lady parts removed all in a matter of months). I’m glad she’s back.

Day 196. Eliza had a field trip to Kelidiscope. Jonas and I had a huge errand adventure. We all went swimming at the gym (Jonas’ first time swimming). J loved the zero entry pool because he could crawl around in the water. Jake played with the kids while I swam laps (the only exercise I really like). I only swam 1/3 of a mile and was exhausted! This is in contrast to 3 miles two years ago. I have some work to do.

What have you been up to?