365 2011 Week 29

Day 197. Jonas hardly ever uses his swing anymore, but Jake put him in there while we were fixing dinner and this was the result. Hah!

Day 198. We went to see Harry Potter 7. I cried through half of the movie. Jake is playing COD in the photo.

Day 199. Double babies! I’m getting used to watching Jonas AND Nathan a few days a week. They’re on pretty much the same schedule, which means they want to eat and get changed at pretty much the same time (yikes!), but they nap at around the same times too (whew!).

Day 200. I do the photo shoot for my June Reads post. Jake makes me feel pretty.

Day 201. This day I became the brave super Mom/Aunt extraordinaire. I had both babies, but still I took Jake to work, stopped home to feed and change the boys, got coffee (out), took both babies to Jonas’ check-up, took both babies to go out with Jake, and melted into a puddle of exhaustion at home. I decide on this day that I never, ever want twins (but will love them if I have them, of course).

Day 202. I watched Låt den rätte komma in (Let the Right One In) and decided that it is the best vampire movie ever. Jake would hate it. Please someone watch it so I can nerd out about it! We had pizza at d’Bronx. Eliza’s summer school class took a trip to the Bean Stalk Garden.

Day 203. I go to a bachlorette party (no pictures of that! LOL). Eliza’s pictured with a map Nick drew her of our house. She had to follow the map to find treasure. Eliza’s summer school class went on a swimming field trip.

365 2011 Week 30

Day 204.  My 24th birthday! We head to the Nelson and have friends over for chicken tikka masala and pizza from d’Bronx (for the people who were afraid of Indian food). The last of them left at five in the morning.

Day 205. We had a birthday party with my family members.

Day 206.  I watch Nathan for half of the day and try to clean up after the parties. Eliza and I finish Coraline and take pictures for her Coraline post.

Day 207. We went to have dinner at Fritz’s where they bring you food on a train! All four of us go to four different craft stores in search of a certain scrapbooking line for me. My family loves me.

Day 208. I watch Nathan and Jonas; Eliza plays dress-up with Charcoal, the poor cat. I reach 500 Twitter followers!

Day 209. Eliza went on a field trip to Pump It Up with school. She had her last night of homework; this is the first time she’s had math homework. I was surprised they are learning addition already.

Day 210. Eliza’s last day of summer school. Aunt Taylor came to hang out with us; Jonas is stylin’ in her shades. If you look in the background, you can see Eliza dressed up as a princess. Typical day in the Anderson house. I submitted my DT application for American Crafts (fingers crossed)!