And gentlemen. Who don’t have kids. Okay, so it’s not the most inclusive title, but this has been stuck in my head all day.

Carrie of Rosalind Revival won one of our Vintage Book Scrapbooks from the giveaway at Alexandra Rae Designs and can’t decide what she wants to do with her book. So we told her we’d put up a bunch of great ideas for the scrappers out there who aren’t married and don’t have kids!


Our First Vacation

Whether it’s the vacation you took last week, the summer you spent in Europe after college, or the trip to the Grand Canyon you took with your grandparents when you were seven, you’re bound to have tons of photos from trips or vacations throughout your life.

Left My Heart in San Fran Mini

I usually make a mini album of my trips and make one 12×12 page with my favorite photo(s) from the trip for the year’s main album.

I Love the Bay

I also don’t really worry about getting a trip scrapped right after it’s over. I’m planning on working on a Chicago 2007 trip mini album this August. (Try to write down a bunch of memories if you’re going to wait while the words are fresh, if you can).

Your childhood.

I stole the big box of unorganized family photos from my mom and am still working on scanning them all in. For heritage photos, I scan and reprint so I don’t mess up the (borrowed) original.

Taking Baby Back


Mojo 23

Have a memory you’d like to record but don’t have a picture to go with it? Just pick a photo from around the time of the memory (or use a representative or abstract photo…or none at all).

Like Sisters

Don’t forget your older years too!

Friend/Family profiles.


Sometimes friendships are forever, sometimes they are not. Making friend profiles enables you to see how your friends have changed over time and will remind you of those you’ve lost touch with along the way in the future.


It’s also important to document relationships with family members.

Harvey the Angerball

Family heritage.

His Eye is on the Sparrow

I love the old photos of my grandparents and my mom! I love asking them about the memories that the photos stir up. I’ll also sometimes record stories they’ve told me.

To Be a Daredevil, You Have to Have Courage


Oh Snap

You probably do and like some pretty cool stuff. You’ll want to remember how awesome you are!

Good Reads

You can also use scrapbooking to record accomplishments so that you can see how you’ve improved over time.

Lessons in Wood



For a lot of singles, pets are practically kids. So why not give them the place in your scrapbooks they deserve?

Summer Time 2010

Pretty pictures.


Record places, still art, flowers, and landscapes. Scrapping these things gives you a great opportunity to get creative!

City of Fountains


1st Fridays

You go cool places. You do cool stuff. How was that movie you went to last Friday? Scrap art walks, girl’s night outs, study sessions, and favorite places to eat.

Barista Training

Summer Time 2010

Holidays/ Seasons.

Autumn Book 2010

What traditions do you have? What are your favorite things about the seasons? What holidays do you celebrate? Scrap that awful sweater your mom gets you every year or your birthday goals.

December Daily: Cover After



Think of scrapbooks as prettier journals. Record your secrets, your job, your poems, your goals, or your style. Remember, scrapbooks can be as public or private as you want them to be.


"I am Sorrow"


And… just in case you weren’t tempted by the link at the beginning of the post:

Are you a single scrapper? What are your favorite things to document?