We had an awesome weekend. I know I always say that, but we’ve just been having some action packed ones lately!

We went to the Scottish Highland Games on Saturday so Jake could take engagement photos of Harvey and Lisa (yay!).

harvey and lisa

The photos turned out great even though the lighting wasn’t good, but the above is just a sneak peek until Jake can go through and edit.

The festival was loads of fun. We missed the games, but we enjoyed homemade root beer and cream soda and the sight of hundreds of men in kilts all the same.

The main feature, however, was the music. We listened to some traditional folk, but we were really there for Flatfoot 56, a Chicago based Celtic punk band Harvey and I love.

Flatfoot 56

The band was on at night, so it was tough to get good photos. They captured the fun all the same.

Flatfoot puts on a great performance (Harvey and I fell madly in love with them at Warped Tour last summer). The drummer (Justin Bawinkel) is hilarious, the guitar player (Tobin Bawinkel) is thoughtful and heartfelt, and the bagpipes guy (Eric McMahon) is one has one of the most energetic stage presences I’ve ever seen. When he doesn’t have anything to play, he rocks out by playing air guitar on the pipes. They are also super playful. For instance, the bass player (Kyle Bawinkel) “shot” the mandolin player (Brandon Good) with his bass and Brandon played dead while still rocking out on the mandolin. Hah!

They are also super approachable. We met them at Warped Tour and took photos with the whole band because they stick by their merch tent to meet people a lot. (By the way- the brothers are super tall. They look more like Vikings than Scots). We also saw them a few times during the festival and made sure they knew we think they are pretty darn awesome.

Even though it kills me to stay still at shows, we planned on staying put on the hay bales because we had the kids with us. But Eliza likes to follow rules, and the band called for the crowd to go up. So Jake and I took turns staying back with Jonas (who was very interested until he fell asleep) while we took Eliza into the action.

Eliza is definitely her mother’s daughter; she wanted to go into the mosh pit. I carried her on the outer rim every time there was a circle pit. She ate it up. She even got in herself, once. Just started pushing people. Grown-ups, I might add. They looked at her like, “What the heck? Hey, you rock, little girl!” Yes she does.

Flatfoot 56

Don’t worry, we explained to her that pushing as an act of comradery is isolated to concerts.

Saturday was also Mr. Nathan’s baby shower. I only had my camera phone, so I didn’t get any good photos. But trust me, he’s super cute.

Nathan's Baby Shower

And my mama made yet another epic cake:

Nathan's Baby Shower

We also got to see baby Nathan and hang out with my family on Sunday for Poppy’s birthday.


Poppy’s usually photo shy, so this one’s going on the photo wall for sure.

Poppy & Jonas

That was our weekend! I’m glad we had such a good one since the beginning of our week got off to such a bad start (everyone’s been sick). But the doctor cleared all of us today, so we’re on the mend.

How was your weekend?