We Love 6

1. Jake can’t get enough of his Arduino mircrocontroller, which he got for Father’s Day. (He had one last summer, but used it to develop a temperature regulator for his old job.) Arduino is a must-have practical toy for those technically savvy nerds out there; it is a cornerstone of DIY electronic projects. Beginners can learn how to use the hardware and software to do simple project like making an LED Blink. But advanced nerds can do awesome stuff like this, this, and this.

2. Because we need very nerdy screen savers, but we also need more clocks about the house, we’ve fallen in love with the The Colour Clock. Each number on the clock corresponds to a hexadecimal color value (a base-16 numbering system used to define colors on Web pages). So every second, the color changes. I think it will help us pick a color story for our upcoming blog re-design.

3. Mead Composition Books might be very simple, but they are one of my all-time favorite projects. I always have tons of them going. I have a giant journal stack going back to the 8th grade and currently have about 10 in use (one for random ideas, one for blog/shop plans, one for each of the novel ideas I’m working on). I love them because the binding holds up forever, they stack well, tehy lie flat, and they just feel right.

4. Eliza’s big love right now is her Skechers Twinkle Toes Shoes. We like them because they strap on with velcro, are easy to put on, and don’t slip off when she’s on the playground. She loves them because they are sparkly and light up when she walks. She’ll have to start wearing a uniform to school in the fall, so her shoes will be one of the few ways she can show off her inner diva. These definitely do that.

5. Jonas’ favorite thing right now is his Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder. He’s teething (two middle teeth on bottom just broke the skin this weekend!) and loves he can gnaw on frozen fruit (especially cantaloupe). It tastes yummy and soothes his gums. The mesh lets him get the flavor and juice without getting chunks. So there’s no choking hazard. The ring is easy for him to hold on to, unlike a lot of his put-in-the-freezer teething toys.

What do you love lately?

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