Thursday, during the day, was weird. I’ve been dealing with some emotional extended family stuff (don’t worry; everyone is fine) and I deal with emotional things in odd ways. I’m emotionally stunted, really. So I took a mental health day and did pretty much nothing. Other than take care of the kids, of course. It was amazing. I had a Grey’s Anatomy marathon on Netflix (don’t judge), napped when Jonas napped, and spent hours on Pinterest.

The Filling Station

 Jake has had a hard time helping me though these types of things in the past, because we deal with difficult emotions in opposite ways and both have a difficult time empathizing with each other sometimes. But he’s got it figured out now: distraction is key. So I can process without directly thinking and/or obsessing about what is bothering me. After awhile, I’ll feel like I understand well enough to talk about things.

So when Jake got home, he announced that we were going on an adventure. We walked to get coffee at The Filling Station, the amazing coffeeshop in our neighborhood. Their chocolate croissants are to die for.  We’ve been trying not to go out for tea and coffee to save $$, so this was exciting. Coffeeshops are one of my favorite places to be.

The Filling Station

I love the way the shop is decorated. I think it will be our inspiration when we build a sunroom/back deck someday. Big Big open windows and natural wood. Just lovely. I’m also in love with that trash can. I’d love to find a big metal one like that. Or several.


Jonas seems to enjoy the coffeeshop atmosphere. Or maybe he just likes all the new faces; we nearly always run into someone we know or meet new friends. He spent most of the time blowing raspberries.

We then walked to  Half Price Books to buy some new reads. Like we need more. But books, coffee, and retail therapy are a good combination.