The Nelson-Atkins Sculpture Park is such a beautiful place to walk around. If we had planned better, we would have brought a picnic. We’ll do that soon.

While Jake was taking photos, Eliza, Jonas, and I took a long walk. I took some photos with my phone.

Nelson-Atkins Sculpture Park

Eliza and I talked about what the different sculptures look like. She thought this one looked like a fish from this angle. She walked around the sculptures to see how they looked from different sides. Eliza learned what sculptures are and the difference between 2D and 3D. We talked about the difference between abstract and realistic art. Everything can be a learning moment.

Eliza and my Shadow

Including your shadow in photos is one way to get a self-portrait when the whole “hold the camera out three feet in front of your face” thing doesn’t work.

Nelson-Atkins Sculpture Park

Jonas fell asleep in about five seconds.

Nelson-Atkins Sculpture Park

If you look very closely, you can see Eliza running up the hill to Jake, who is taking photos.

Nelson-Atkins Sculpture Park

There’s teeny tiny Jake taking photos. He’s completely dwarfed by the art.

End of camera phone photos. On to Jake’s pretty Rebel photos.


This new sculpture Ferment by Roxy Paine AMAZING. The sun makes it glow. Simply majestic.


There are a few “branches” on the sculpture that connect to each other, giving the impression that the “tree” is electrified. A couple of branches are arrows as well, which further breaks the realism of the piece. I’d love to try to weld a pretty tiny version for our yard.

Jake then turned the camera on us:






Then we went to the playground by the Nelson. Jake and I talked out my feelings while Eliza played and Jonas slept. (Back to camera photos).

At the Park

Our adventure at an end, we headed home for dinner. Having this everyday adventure was the perfect way to cheer me up and help me process. And then Memorial Day weekend was Bright and Shiny in the Anderson household with no more random Megan crying.

Expect a rush of blog posts, becuase we decided to take a break from blogging as we moved around pretty much all of the furniture in the house this weekned. Seriously. There are only three peices of furniture in our whole house that are in the same place they were in two weeks ago.