Mr. Jonas is now five months old as of May 29th! May 29th was Memorial Day Weekend, so these pictures are with J’s cousin Vera (she’s just two weeks older!). They liked getting to hang out.

Jonas @ 5 months + Baby Vera

Here’s how he’s changed since the 4 month mark.

-He’s still nursing, but we started feeding him a tablespoon of rice cereal mixed with two tablespoons of breastmilk once a day. We’re using a Earth’s Best Organic Whole Grain Rice Cereal and are loving it. We’re using a Summer Infant 3-Stage Super Seat instead of a high chair.

-He’s really loving to blow raspberries, which makes a big (albeit funny) mess while he’s eating cereal.

-Still in cloth diapers, still going through an abnormally large amount of them a day (we call him a Pee Machine. His primary jobs are to be cute and make gross liquids).

Jonas @ 5 months + Baby Vera

-He gives us a big smile everytime we talk to us or we see him. He’s super responsvie. He smiles whenever he sees us- he even starts laughing when Jake pics him up because he knows the funny is coming. He also gets super excited when Eliza talks to him.

-He’s kind of a flirt. Here’s his moves: when Jake or I hold him, he’ll give the ladies a big smile, then bury his head in the chest of the holder. That’s his “look at me, I’m cute and bashful” move. Then he’ll check to make sure the lady is still looking at him, smile big and do his bashful move again. I’m surprised our single guy friends haven’t tried to take him to the park to help them pick up chicks yet.

-He LOLs at tickling and peek-a-boo.

-He’s sleeping through the night. He was still in our room this month, but moved to his very own big boy room right after turning 5 months old.

Jonas @ 5 months + Baby Vera

-He’s getting super talkative. He’ll squeal and carry on. We think he sounds like a pterodactyl.

-He’s getting attached to specific toys. His favorites are his octopus from his Baby Einstein Neptune Ocean Adventure Gym and his little stuffed orange Stegosaurus Stu (he’s by DanDee Collector’s Choice, but we can’t find a link). He holds toys and knows what they do. He know how to get toys to do what he wants (and gets frustrated when battery operated things are off and not doing what they are promised to do).

-He looks for things that have been dropped and protests when you take something away.

-He’s getting more active and is less willing to be snuggly.

-He rolls both ways and is kind of doing an army scoot thing that is  a precursor to crawling.

Jonas @ 5 months + Baby Vera

-He’s very interested in voices and noises and will stop nursing to try to see where a noise is coming from.

-He slaps his hand down when he’s angry, so sometimes it seems like he’s hitting us! Naughty baby!

-He raises his chest with his arms when he’s on his tummy, sometimes he even gets on his knees.

Jonas @ 5 months + Baby Vera

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