Eliza’s first day of school was today! Her school has a summer program that runs from now until the end of July; then they’ll pick back up in August. The summer program is a month long and is all-day Kindergarten. They play and craft more and focus on academics less during the summer than they do during the school year, they also go on a ton of field trips (starting next week).

The school schedule. We’ve been prepping since we learned about the summer program to get on a school schedule. Jake’s first “normal hours” job began last September, but Eliza and I stayed mostly on our night owl schedule anyway (She’s been going to bed at 10 or 11 for years).

 It worked for us. But it didn’t work for school. So that past few months we got her on a more reasonable 9 to 9 schedule. (Still not going to work for school.) We learned that the bus would pick her up at 7, so now she’s in bed at 8 and up at 6. And she has to take a nap for the first time since she was 2. It’s been an adjustment. I have to make dinner when Jake’s on his way home, we’ve got to get her ready for bed as soon as the dishes are cleared, so it doesn’t feel like we have as much time together. We’ll get it figured out. It will be less hectic after a few weeks of this routine, I’m sure.

Want to be filled in first? In a nutshell, E’s going to a full-immersion French language charter school. If you’d like to read more about our school process before reading about Eliza’s first day, you can check out our take on charter schools here, our “Yay she got in!” post here, and the post about her Kindergarten evaluation here. I’m currently working on a post that details how we went about choosing a school, but I keep re-writing it because I can’t seem to condense it to a reasonable length. Hopefully it will be ready before she starts officially in August. Hah!

Eliza's First Day of School!

Our morning. Everything went very smoothly, even though we are not by any means morning people. It was nice getting to have breakfast together (Jake is usually gone before wake up). We woke up Eliza an hour before the bus waiting was to begin so that we wouldn’t feel at all rushed. That worked out really well.

Waiting for the bus

Waiting for the bus

Waiting for the bus

Where’s the bus? The bus driver couldn’t find our house, so he picked up Eliza last. We ended up hanging out on the porch until 7:45. We didn’t mind the wait; we had fun taking goofy photos and talking to Eliza about what she was most excited to do at school. Hands down, she was most exited about making friends.

I don’t think Eliza was nervous at all. She was having too much fun being goofy with Nick.

We let Jonas sleep through the excitement.

Getting on the bus for the first time

If you want to see the video Jake took with his phone of her getting on the bus, you can check it out here. Please ignore the really unflattering butt shot. I’m not wearing those jeans again.

Waiting for the bus

Letting her go. My mom cried the first day I went to school. Jake and I aren’t like that. But we WERE nervous. Eliza spends the night with her grandparents all of the time, so we don’t have a lot of separation anxiety. But then again, we know our parents. And we can call if we want to know what she’s up to. Today we sent her out into the world with strangers. That was a little nerve racking, but we’re more excited for her than nervous for us.

After school snack

How did it go? When Eliza got home, she had a snack of strawberries and blueberries and we talked about her day. I had to ask her lots of questions to prompt her to give me details.

-She made friends on the bus, but didn’t remember a their names yet. She rode the bus with big kids and Kindergarteners, but just the Kindergarteners got off at her building (the big kids are in a different building).

-A nice grown up walked her to class.

-She didn’t know where to sit. The teacher told her in French and patted a chair, so Eliza thought she had to sit at that chair. But she wanted to sit somewhere else, and the teacher was fine with that. Eliza thought that made her teacher super nice.

-She also said that her teacher was really smart because she’d say something in French and then say the same thing in English to help them figure things out on the first day (like where to put their backpacks).

-The first thing they did was color and draw.

-All the students in her class introduced themselves. E learned, “Je m’appelle Eliza!”

-Eliza was really excited that there were TWO recesses. The first recess, there was a team of boys on the pirate ship. They were the bad guys.  She was on a team of good guys that was trying to siege the pirate ship, but the boys held down the fort. Eliza wished everybody was on the good guys team playing on the pirate ship together. She spent the second recess climbing with her special friend, a girl that we met at the park on Saturday (cool coincidence!).

-She said the First Day of School Leap Frog movie we watched on Netflix really helped her to learn what to expect.

-She liked her friends. She told Jake, “You would have loved the girls I met if you could go to school too, Daddy.”

-She said no one got upset even though it was their first day. But she did miss us. (I think she mostly missed the cat, though. Ashes got a much warmer reception than Jake or I did.)

-Eliza thinks her teacher is smart, beautiful, and fun. She says “Madame is the color of chocolate” and “has pretty pretty jewelry like necklaces and rings and things”.

-Eliza really really likes to sharpen her pencils.

-Eliza felt weird taking a nap and had a little trouble falling asleep, but felt revived afterwards. She didn’t like leaving her blanket and pillow pet there. Not because she’s attached to them, but because she wanted to be able to switch things up.

-Lunch was fun. They ate in a room that was different than the classroom and “Guess what? Another boy had blueberries just like me! So we shared and traded!” How nice. She also noted that another girl had a PB&J just like her. (She had to take a normal lunch bag because our cool ones haven’t arrived in the mail yet.)

-They counted in French while clapping.

-They played games in the gym. I couldn’t tell if this was for P. E. or waiting for the buses to come, she wasn’t too clear. She learned a song in the gym that she sang when she got home.

-She got home about 15 minutes before the automated message said she would, so I wasn’t waiting on the porch for her. I didn’t hear her knock, so the bus driver called me to tell me she was at the door. Things have changed since we were kids.

-The first thing she said when she got home was, “Mommy, I have homework! Want to see?” That’s my nerd.

Eliza unpacking from her first day of school

Eliza working on her first homework assignment

Jonas wants to help

Well, why can't I help?
Jonas wanted to help Eliza with her homework. (He missed her today. He smiled and laughed when she got home!)
I think E did a good job on her homework. We’ve only worked on capitol letters at home. Those little A’s are hard to write.

Eliza's First HW Assignment

P. S. We don’t usually do outfit posts, but we’ve had questions about E’s shirt before. So here’s where stuff is from: Eliza’s shirt is from American Apparel. We got it on sale because it supposedly has a slight defect, but we’ve yet to figure out what that defect is. We love American Apparel as a company (even though we don’t always love their styling) and they have the softest t-shirts ever. Her pants are from Old Navy. We don’t usually shop there, but a combination of a 50% off coupon and a Groupon drove us. Jonas’s diaper cover is from Fluffy’s Diapers on Etsy. They’re our favorite.

P. P. S. I was going to post Nick’s guest Music Monday today, but this post took way longer than I thought it would to write. So I’ll have to make it a Music Tuesday instead!