You may remember that Eliza received some awesome gardening stuff from the Easter Bunny. For some reason, we didn’t plant them until recently (we’ve been planting them over the past two weeks). I thought I’d try my hand at keeping a succulent alive first (from Plaid Pigeon).

Buzzy Tomato Plant

We had our first successful sprout yesterday, so we thought it would be safe to share this with you.

Eliza’s little grow-your-own plant kits, from Buzzy, have been a super fun project for us. Here’s how they work:

Eliza's Easter Basket 2012

The package comes with seeds (more than you need), a little pot, and a dried puck of soil.


We added water to the dried soil, and it grows!

Eliza doing indoor gardening

This was Eliza’s favorite part (she loves using measuring spoons).


Then we put the soil in the little pots and sunk a few seeds into each.

Eliza doing indoor gardening

Last, we made the packaging into little plant markers so we wouldn’t get them mixed up. The care instructions are on the back, so we won’t forget when it is time to transplant them.

Buzzy Plants

Eliza has really enjoyed having a her own little garden inside. It has also been good for her to add something to her responsibilities. Taking care of the plants is on her daily chore list and she’s been very good at remembering. Hopefully she won’t use this fact to try to convince us she’s ready for a puppy.