The Many Faces of Jonas


We had a big day! While Jake was at work, Taylor (my sister), the kids and I went to Poppy’s house so I could do some more woodworking. I learned how to use the drill press, did a lot of sanding, and used a nail gun for the first time (yikes!). Here’s the progress on the children’s chair/step stool:

Woodworking 101

Woodworking 101


Then we went to visit my Aunt Beth and the new little Nathan. He’s getting so big!

Beth and Nathan

We dropped off Eliza at Jake’s Dad’s house and picked up Jake. Jake, Jonas and I then went to First Fridays with our friends Steve and Michelle.

JT's Live Painting at First Friday's

Jake and Steve’s friend J. T. Daniels was doing a live painting at the No Coast KC Street Festival fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters. It was so neat to see how his work progresses instead of just the finished product.

Jonas at First Friday's

We hung out at the street party for awhile, but we spent most of our time in the art galleries. This was Jonas’ very first First Friday (an awesome party in the Crossroads District the first Friday of every month full of art, entertainment, and yummy food). He loved it, just like Eliza did when she was a baby. I also got Mom points for having the idea of bringing a thermos with dry rice cereal and a spoon in it + bottled water. This equaled no mess Jonas eats on the go that could be prepared and fed to him in the galleries. Go me.

After First Fridays we walked to Fran’s to eat. Waffles with bacon, sliced apples, and a fried egg on top might not sound delicious to you, but it is DELICIOUS, trust me.

Mary Lou

 We went to Jake’s Dad’s for a big birthday bash for Mary Lou (Grandma Lou). It was the hugest non-wedding party I’ve ever been to! There were almost 100 guests. Abba (Eliza’s name for Jake’s step-mom) worked so hard to make sure her mom had a very special party! The party was so amazing that we didn’t even remember to take pictures. So all you get is a beauty shot of Mary Lou.

Story Time at Half Price Books

We started off the day with a giant family brunch. We try to do some home cookin’ after sleeping in every Sunday. Sunday is Nick’s only whole day off, so we like getting to all eat together. Half Price books had a story time to kick off for their summer reading program.

Story Time at Half Price Books

I was good. I didn’t buy any books. Not one. I think this is a new record for me.

Story Time at Half Price Books

Jonas loved story time! He was more interested in all of the little kids and the balloons than the books, but he was a happy camper.

Story Time at Half Price Books

Eliza was completly sucked in. She loves books and is super excited about keeping her summer reading log. She was very interactive during story time.

Late at night, our very good friend Megan 2 (because I’m Megan 1) + her friend Taylor 2 (because my sister is Taylor 1) came in from Nebraska. The only non-bar we could find open late enough in walking distance to eat dinner after 10 on a Sunday was Westport Flea Market, the best place to get a burger in the city. And everything was 1/2 off! We didn’t know they had a special on Sundays. Hurrah!


We spent the day with Megan 2 and Taylor. But the night was the epic part. We had a huge impromptu dinner with tons of friends! Again, we were having too much fun to remember to take a ton of photos.

Dinner included: Me, Jake, Eliza, Nick, Megan 2, Taylor 2, Megan 2′s mom Patti, Jack (Megan 2′s brother), and Harvey. We made Tequla Lime Chicken. Yummy, hecktic, and so so fun. Patti and Jack left before we broke out the camera.


After dinner, our friend Steve dropped in too.

Steve Rockin' Out

Nick Jammin'


Nick and Steve jammed, and Jonas was super into it. He loves music. Too bad Nick left before Taylor 2 got back from taking Jack home, because Taylor is a musician too.

Jonas Didn't Last the Whole Night

Eliza was allowed to stay up very late because she doesn’t get to see all of our friends very often, but Jonas checked out early.

Megan 2 Doing Alterations

Megan 2 and I worked on a dress alteration project that I’ll share tomorrow. Here she is pinning me.

Megan 2 Doing Alterations

And here she is measuring for a hem.

Eliza and Taylor 2 Being Silly

Eliza dressed Taylor 2 up in Megan 2′s vintage apron and some of the scrap fabric from the dress we were altering. Hah!

This was seriously the most fun and exciting weekend we’ve had in a long time. We got to spend time with so many people that we love!

Oh, and Jake and I saw a baby hummingbird. It was only about an inch and a half long. It was one of the most magical things I’ve ever seen.

That was our weekend! How was yours?