Week 20

Day 134. Jonas is becoming good friends with the kitties. Charcoal (pictured) was afraid of Jonas at first, but now they are good buddies. Snuggle buddies, so long as the snuggling is supervised. Jonas just started getting interested in the kitties over the last few weeks. We have to keep a close eye on him so he doesn’t grab a handful of fur. P. S. Don’t worry, Charcoal knows he’s not allowed in Jonas’ crib, so he won’t suffocate him in the night.

Day 135. The beginning of the great Holly House rearranging begins. We’ll do a full post on how we moved things around later, we promise. On this day, we came up with a sectional sofa solution and moved almost all of our first floor furniture.

Day 136. Eliza being Eliza.

Day 137. Nick fell in love with Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12 Video Game.

Day 138. I spent a ton of time reorganizing our scrapbooks.

Day 139. Jonas meets Duke, my Mom’s Great Dane. We hung out over there for awhile while Jake did some work networking the computers in my great-grandpa’s new office.

Day 140. Jonas made his first drawing! With assistance.

Week 21

Day 141. Jonas meets baby Nathan (Eliza met him at the hospital).

Day 142. Jake took a Liberty Memorial Panorama, we went to Grinders for dinner (again), and I pretended to be a groceries ninja.

Day 143. Eliza, making a heart-shaped leaf puzzle.

Day 144. Jonas’ octopus is one of his very best friends.

Day 145. This is not our picture. Cred goes to Gary Lezak, a local meteorologist. This week was full of tornado warnings, and we spent most of the morning in the basement.

Day 146. Our adventure: Part 1 and Part 2

Day 147. My April Reads.

That’s our Week 20 and 21! What have you been up to?