365 2011 Week 24

Day 162. The kids and I went to Beth’s baby shower, Jake took engagement photos of Harvey and Lisa at the Scottish Highland festival, where we went to a Flatfoot 56 concert. Read all about it here.

Day 163. We went to Poppy’s birthday party. It was great getting to see him, because he left for a two week vacation after this!

Day 164. Sick day. Notice the nose crusties. Also, Jonas was teething this week. Not a fun combination.

Day 165. Sick day again; all four of us go to the doctor at once. We work on getting on a better schedule.

Day 166. Eliza spends the night with Jake’s parents. We do a photo shoot for my May Reads post.

Day 167. We get ready for a garage sale we meant to have on Day 169, but cancelled due to rain. We’ve got 11 typewriters to sell!

Day 168. Eliza goes to Smithville Lake with Jake’s parents. We host my sister Taylor’s birthday party at our house (that’s her in the photos).

365 2011 Week 25

Day 169. We had planned on having a garage sale, but it was rained out. It was so nice to have a Saturday without plans! We went to lunch with Harvey and had a picnic at a park. I made a coffee bag rug.

Day 170. Father’s Day. We went out to Jake’s Dad’s, but they weren’t there! Jake thought I called and I thought he called. Ooops! My Dad came over for dinner. Jake wrote a post on Daddying.

Day 171. Eliza’s first day of school! Jonas’ first two teeth broke through the gums! He has his two bottom ones now.

Day 172. We went to go have lunch with Jake at work to celebrate his 9,000 day alive (LOL). His place of employment has an epic cafe (with professional chefs). They’re about to get rid of fried food and Jake wanted me to try these yummy chicken wraps before they’re gone forever. So I can reverse engineer them. Jonas was a hit.

Day 173. Eliza came home with her snack list for school and it had her down for the NEXT DAY. That’s what happens when your last name is Anderson. I felt like super Mom getting a healthy snack for 17 ready at the last minute (baby carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes, and sliced cucumber with peanut butter and hummus). Also, she colored on her homework with lipgloss. No, no E.

Day 174. The kids in Eliza’s class ate all of the veggies we sent (except for a bit of cucumber, but there was a cucumber and a half in there)! I thought some tomatoes were coming back with her for sure. Go kids.

Jonas had his first solids other than rice cereal (though technically, he’s had cantaloupe in the mesh feeder we talk about in this post). Applesauce! We know that you’re supposed to do veggies first (because fruit is sweeter and they’re more likely to refuse veggies if they get the sweet stuff first), but applesauce is what was on hand. We’ll do some veggies next week. Oh, and Jonas figured out how to take off his diaper and pooped all over a blanket. Gross but funny.

Day 175. Chillin’. We didn’t do a whole lot. This whole new schedule thing is exhausting. It’s nice to not have to get Eliza ready for bed as soon as dinner is over. (We think someone came over… but we can’t remember who it was. Weird.)

I like that Jonas’ arm makes it look like he took this camera phone photo. Hah!

P.S. We are SOOOOOO sorry that we didn’t notice that last Monday’s playlist started automatically for a whole week. It drives us nuts when other blogs do it; we didn’t mean to do it to you. We fixed it. And if something weird is ever going on with the blog, be sure to let us know.