365 2011: Week 23

Day 155. We went to Jake’s Dad’s for a big birthday bash for Mary Lou (Grandma Lou). It was the hugest non-wedding party I’ve ever been to! Read more about it here.

Day 156. Half Price books had their kick off for their summer reading program and our very good friend Megan 2 + her friend Taylor came in from Nebraska. Read more about it here.

Day 157. We spent the day with Megan 2 and Taylor. But the night was the epic part. We had a huge impromptu dinner with tons of friends! Read more about it here.

Day 158. We had a normal relaxing day of rest after the crazy weekend. The kids and I danced and moved to Sesame Street and Yo Gabba Gabba, our favorite little kid TV shows. This was Jonas’s first TV experience; he loved all the singing and dancing. (I danced with him. He didn’t sit and actually WATCH television.) Yay for exercise. He hung out in his little activity seat while I rested from all the dancing.

Day 159. Nick left for Bonnaroo! Jake did a photo shoot with me for the after portion of this dress Before and After post.

Day 160. We went thrifting as a family (we’ll share photos of our stash soon) and then our buddy Matt stopped by!

Day 161. The Missouri river is about to flood. Jake went to the pier in the River Market (on the street we used to live on) to take a photo of the water.

That was our week! I can’t believe Week 23 of this year is almost over! This photo-a-day thing may be the first New Year’s Resolution I see through to the finish! Yay!