365 2011: Week 22

Day 148. We spent the day rearranging furniture again. This photo is from the walk we took to take a break. Jonas loves his octopus and is always happier if he has one toy to hang out with while we’re walking all around.

Day 149. Jonas turns 5 months. We go to a graduation party for Jake’s cousins Joe and Kiana, then we go to Jake’s cousin Neil’s for a Memorial Day party. Eliza loved playing with Neil’s new chickens (did you know you can get baby chicks in the mail? Crazy!) Eliza spent the night with her grandparents.

Day 150. We were going to go to my Dad’s for Memorial Day, but Jake was miserable because of his allergies. He stayed at home in a Benadryl stupor and I worked on our room swapping extravaganza.

Day 151. Eliza came back home in the afternoon from Jake’s Dad’s and we had my grandpa (Poppy), and my Aunt Beth with her little baby Nathan over for dinner. This is Eliza being her fancy self at the grocery store.

Day 152. Mustache May is over! The boys took silly mustache pictures.

Day 153. Man, that dinosaur is delicious. Stewart the Stegosaurus (a.k.a. Stegosaurus Stu) is Jonas’ very favorite toy.

Day 154. We had a big day! We did tons of crazy stuff, read more about it here.