We’ve updated the shop with new Vintage Book Journals! Here are a few examples:

Vintage Book Journal

Vintage Book Journal

Vintage Book Journal

I’m seriously in love with these journals. I keep them as pretty ways to hold my poetry; I also use them as mini scrapbooks. We’re thinking about putting some mini-book versions in the shop with coordinating scrapbooking paper instead of blank card stock. Who likes that idea? Anywho, you can find our current line of notebooks and journals here. More to come, promise.

We’ve also been up to making a few new things, like these Sailboat dessert trays (which should be the first in a long line of awesome dessert trays made with vintage china).

Sailboat Dessert Tray

Also look for new vintage home decor items like this Wooden Sign:

Vintage the Roost Wooden Sign

(I want to keep it, but Jake vetoed. Which is actually the story of half of the vintage items in the shop. He keeps me from hording. But then again, sometimes he decides to keep something we totally bought to sell. It’s bad for our bookeeping, but our house sure is getting prettier.)

Thanks so much for your support, everyone! We couldn’t do it without you.