Now I’m scrapbooking for two. That poses a problem. The solution to which resulted in a massive layout reorganization binge.

Reorganizing the Scrapbooks

Previously, I organized our scrapbooks by person. Eliza had one for each year, there was one for Me & Jake together, ones for both Jake and I individually, holiday books, and a friends/family book. We also have mini books I made for major vacations and seasonal scrapbooking. But I’d like to focus more on relationships. I’d like for someone reading the scrapbooks to really get our story. I’d like them to pull up more than just random memories when we look at them. But more on that later. For now, I’m focusing on organizing what we have.

And what we have is two kiddos and a plan to have about a billion more.

I mean, what do I do with pages featuring photos like this?

Eliza and Jonas

Previously I would just dump family layouts like the one below into E’s scrapbooks.

Nerd Nest

But that won’t work for Eliza and Jonas. We plan on having a big family, and I don’t want to make duplicates of layouts to go into each kids’ scrapbooks.

I took up the issue with some of my scrapping buddies at a recent crop. Here are the solutions that have worked for them:

-Do two page layouts for events, with the left page focusing on one child and the right page focusing on another. When the kids move out, each can have a page to put in their own personal scrapbooks later. (This was a solution from a mom with twins).

-Make two similar pages for each child’s scrapbook for events/photos with both child. Do different journaling to make each page special (either by telling the story from the point of view of the child or by writing the journaling like a note to the child).

-Make one page, and print out a 12×12 copy on photo paper so that there is one page in each scrapbook (one gets the original and one gets the copy). This would be an easy solution for digital scrapbookers.

I thought these were all great ideas, but ultimately they aren’t really right for our family. They are really all best for two, and I’d like to think long term. There’s going to be a lot more than two kids around here.

So I decided to go chronological. Starting in ’05, there will be a scrapbook for every year. (I’ll separate the years before that into heritage, Jake’s childhood, my childhood, and Jake & I’s combined high school years).

I figure the kids can have their own copies of ALL of the scrapbooks on a digital hard drive when they grow up. If they want them.

I got started by organizing the pages into huge piles by years, taking all layouts out of both their protective sleeves and scrapbooks.

Reorganizing the Scrapbooks

Which didn’t take too long, considering how many pages there were.

Movie Kick

Layouts that spanned over time, like the one above, went in with the pages from the year the layout was made.

Reorganizing the Scrapbooks

I started to put pages back into books, but then I decided that was a waste of time. I’m intending to make my own scrapbooks books soon (you heard right), so I’m just going to put them in page protectors and stack them up for now. That will motivate me get a move on for the DIY production.

Reorganizing the Scrapbooks

How do you organize your scrapbook pages? What works for you?