Jonas turned four months on the 29th and just had his check-up. Here’s what’s new with the little Jay-bird since he turned three months.

Jonas @ 4 months

-Jonas now weighs 15.3 lbs. He’s 25 inches long. That puts him right in the center percentile wise. He must have had his growth spurt early, because he was in the 75th percentile at his two month checkup.

-He gives real big belly laughs. Yay! He also got a lot more talkative at the end of the month. He’s starting in on a few soft consonants (“m”s and “n”s) and babbles consonant-vowel combinations.

-He’s also started to razz. Though he doesn’t think it’s funny when we do it. Even when we “blow raspberries” on his belly yet. He gets startled and then looks at us with his “WHAT are you doing?” face.

-He just rolled over from back to belly for the first time today (so technically this should be in next month’s post). He’s been almost there for two weeks and finally kicked over all of the way. Uh-oh. Now he can roll both ways. Which means the first stage of mobility.

Jonas @ 4 months

-He’s really good at holding up his head.

-He really likes to “stand” while holding our hands. He stands up for a couple of seconds and then sinks to his knees.

-Lifts his head up 90 degrees! He pushes up with his arms when he’s on his belly.

-Pays attention to small objects.

-Turns to voices and noises. Sometimes he gets distracted while he’s eating when there are loud noises.

-Is still breastfeeding.

-May be teething. He’s getting really slobbery and hasn’t been sleeping as well lately.


-Goes through a ridiculous amount of diapers (like 15 a day). We’re still doing cloth.

-Reaches for things. This is so much fun! He likes to play with toys (especially rattles) and grabs for objects in front of him. He looks around when he’s on his back for toys to grab. Everything went straight into his mouth at first, but now he’s spending more time studying things.

-Has discovered his toes. He grabs for them just about every time he gets his diaper changed.

This has been a really fun month with Jonas! He’s so much more interactive, but he still loves to snuggle. Perfect.

I think that’s everything, but let us know if you have Q’s about anything we haven’t covered.