Friday I cropped at The Scrapbook Page, my very favorite local scrapbooking store. Carolyn and Cameron, the owners, are two of the most friendly people you’ll ever meet and the staff is super knowledgeable. I used to be a clerk/ class teacher there, which is how I gained my oodles of scrapbooking know-how. Upon request (hi Christine!), I’m going to be sharing more pages with you all. Here’s one of the pages I finished Friday along with a few tips and tricks.

This is Jonas’ flirty face. He reminds me of Joey on Friends, thus the “How You Doin?” at the bottom.

Hello Ladies

Tip: If you have a title that is similar in color to your background, lightly ink around the edges to make it pop out a little bit. I brushed a bit of gold on the letters to help them stick out. I’m obsessively in love with Color Box Petal Point Ink Pads. Because you can pull out each petal, it makes it super easy to ink the edges of things. The point at the end lets you get into hard to reach places like the insides of letter stickers. Plus, you get more bang for your buck because you’re getting several colors. Oh, and the stickers are Thickers by American Crafts. They are absolutely my favorite letter stickers. They can get a bit pricey, though, so I wait around until they are on sale at Peachy Cheap.

Hello Ladies Close Up

Tip: For some reason, the top corner of my background page (Crate Paper) was cut out. Not sure why. So I started the page by cutting a strip of paper (Little Yellow Bicycle, I think) from my scrap box wide enough to cover the gap and started from there. I often let product imperfections inspire layout designs. Waste not.

Tip: I originally hand wrote “How You Doin?” to the right of the photo, but ended up not liking it. The key when this happens is to not freak out. Roll with it. I slapped some Sassafrass stickers over the mistake and called it a day.

Tip: I like to cut stickers in half if they don’t already have a flat edge. This allows me to anchor them to my photo or mat and lets me save the half that I would have tucked under the photo for another day.

Hello Ladies Close Up

Tip: When I stamped the letters for “How You Doin?”, they turned out a little too bright red. So I very carefully colored in the letters with the fine tip of my Brown Zig Marker to darken them up. The letters then coordinated much better with the patterned paper I used.

Hope you enjoyed these tips!

It is getting into the wee hours, so I’ll be back tomorrow with three more pages for your viewing pleasure.

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