We hope all of you moms out there had a great day!

Mother's Day Flowers

Ours was pretty much wonderful. We all slept in a bit. Eliza and Jake brought me flowers, which was Eliza’s idea. I think it is super sweet that she’s old enough to want to get me specific presents. I don’t know where she got it in her head that flowers are awesome mom presents, because we generally don’t do them around here (I always tell Jake I’d rather have something that lasts a little longer. Or that’s practical. I’d take a few skipped diaper turns over flowers any day). But it made it so much more special that she picked them.

Jake then made a huge brunch of biscuits and gravy with scrambled eggs. Delicious.

We lazed about snuggling (though not a whole lot; we’re having a super hot day here in Kansas City) and watching movies.

I also finished my Preggers Log. I’ll share photos tomorrow, hopefully. It felt nice to scrapbook. Between moving and Jonas, I’ve barely scrapbooked the past 6 months. Get ready to get hit by a paper crafting overshare.

Mother's Day Cards for Grandmas

We made cards for all of the grandmas. Eliza wrote their names on the outside and drew a picture on the inside. Then we put an Eliza hand print and a Jonas footprint on the inside.

Mother's Day Cards for Grandmas

We made dinner for our moms, so we had a super full house tonight (ten people!). We’re celebrating with our step-moms later this week.

To put a cherry on top of a wonderful day, Jake found an awesome free wing-back chair for me this evening that we’re going to try to reupholster. Yay for the free section of Craig’s List.

Mother's Day Flowers

P.S. Jake tricked me into smelling the flowers. He said, “Smell them, they’re great!”

They smelled awful. But I couldn’t say so in front of Eliza. So I had to resort to my super-sonic death glare.

Jake said, “What? I had to.”