Yesterday I finished my preggers log, the pregnancy journal/ scrapbook that I kept while I was pregnant with Jonas. (I shared some of it last June.) The format of the book is from the Red Velvet Art Summer Camp course last summer. It was a project by LA of Freckled Nest, one of my favorite bloggers.

I haven’t been keeping up with scrapbooking very well since last fall. So instead of actually filling this book out, I jotted down little notes during pregnancy to scrap later. (I don’t ever feel like I’m “behind” on scrapbooking. I don’t worry about making things real time unless I’m doing a daily life type of thing like my December Daily album.)

Between the move and Jonas, I haven’t had much extra time to drag out the paper and glue. I’ll make a big long to-do list every day and tell myself, “If I get this, this, and this done, then I can scrap.” Well, it dawned on me that there will never be a day when I get this, this, AND this done with time and energy left for creativity. So instead I’m going to let the dust bunnies lie during nap time every once in awhile to take the time to document our family’s life. (Because I don’t do that enough on the blog, LOL).

Tip: Because I don’t have a lot of time, I put all of the supplies that I might use for a project into a giant jar or big ziplock baggie so I don’t have to go searching for coordinating products every time I want to work on my mini. This leaves a lot more time for actually scrapping.

Preggers Log

I made a page for each month of pregnancy except for the first month, as I didn’t know I was pregnant then. I also included an extra page for the story of Jonas’ name and included the letter I wrote to him during labor. If you’d like a closer look, you can visit the original size.