The bright pink chairs in our entryway, along with four other faux-finish vintage chairs, were the first furniture purchase we made when we moved into our first apartment four years ago. I intended to paint them and put new fabric on the seats then, but I’m just getting around to it now. Well, that’s embarrassing.

Before and After: Entryway Chairs

I’m not a pink person, but I really liked how the chairs were painted. Since the color scheme of our house is inspired by our vintage Ohio Art tin globe collection, little pops of pink will fit in. So I’m glad I’m a procrastinator, because I wouldn’t have kept them if I had done this when I first got the chairs.

After: Entryway Chairs

The fabric is Viceroy Lime Home Decor Fabric from Fashionable Fabrics.

I started by taking the seats off of the chairs. I removed the existing fabric but pulling out the upholstery staples. I cut the foam padding for the seat to size and stapled the foam underneath the chair with a staple gun. When stapling, make sure to pull the foam tight. I nailed in the corners for extra security.

I then cut the raw edges off of the fabric and cut large squares that were about an inch and a half longer than the measurement seats on each side. Next time, I’ll leave three extra inches on each side. This gives enough room to cover the sides of the seat and to get the fabric secured. The inch and a half worked, but it isn’t as nice and neat underneath as it could be. I stapled around the sides and nailed the corners just like I did with the foam.

After the seats were covered, I screwed them back into the chair. Fin!

After: Entryway Chairs

I don’t think I did a bad job for my first time out. The corners aren’t perfect through. I might redo them. I’m sure there’s a You Tube video out there that teaches you how to tuck them perfectly.

This is reupholstery step one. After this, I’m going to make a slipcover for a scratchy tweed Eames style chair in our living room. Then on to the smelly wingback we picked up for free Sunday. Super Megan!

After: Entryway Chairs