We told you in our 365 2011: Week 19 that we got to meet our new little cousin Nathan, but Jonas didn’t get to meet him until last weekend. Jonas couldn’t go in at the hospital after Nathan was born because they don’t let children under the age of one go back there (to prevent baby stealing). But Jonas got to go meet him when we went to visit Nathan at home on Saturday.


Nathan’s not even two weeks old in the picture. He felt so light after holding big Mister Jonas. It almost felt like he was going to slip through my fingers!

Hey cuz

Eliza thought Nathan was super cute, but she really wasn’t all that interested. Babies are old hat now.


These boys are going to be besties, I can tell.

I also think its awesome that Nathan can wear Jonas’ hand-me-downs. Nathan’s mom, my aunt Beth, was more like a sister to me growing up. (She’s only five years older my mom and I lived with my grandparents when I was really little.) So I was always in Beth’s hand-me-downs and now Nathan will wear Jonas’! I don’t know why I think that’s so cool, but I do. I’m excited that Beth and I have kids the same age, so that they can be close.

Of course, Jonas will have no shortage of intrafamilial buddies: he’s got a bunch of cousins on Jake’s side (with another one on the way!). Even though our family is SUPER SPLIT, Jonas will have a cousin his age on every side. My dad and my step-mom are expecting another grandbaby this year, there’s a new baby on Jake’s step-mom’s side, a ton of new babies on Jake’s dad’s side, Nathan on my mom’s side, and baby Vera, who is both on Jake’s mom’s and Jake’s dad’s side (one of Jake’s dad’s sisters married Jake’s mom’s brother. Super confusing. But that means that a pair of cousins (Cora is Eliza’s age and Vera is Jonas’ age) are Andersons and Austs, just like J & E. We’ll try to explain that again some other time with pictures of people and maybe a little tree drawing.). Eliza has cousins her age on every side too. We feel so lucky to have huge families filled with little ones.