…What do May flowers bring? Pilgrams! That was one of my favorite jokes in elementary school.

The joke isn’t exactly accurate around here, as we had a bunch of surprise April flowers (we just moved to Holly House in November and had no idea we’d have any annuals) that have all died by now. But we’re breaking out the gardening supplies anyhow.

The Easter Bunny was nice enough to bring Eliza plenty of gardening supplies to celebrate our first Spring with a yard.

Eliza Preparing to Garden

Our postage stamp sized yard is perfect for us because it will be little upkeep (Jake and I both have serious outdoor allergies, so a high maintenance yard is not in our future) but is big enough for us to experiment with a little garden. We have plenty of space to kick a soccer ball around in and that’s all we really need.

Eliza even has a swing set now, courtesy of Poppy (my grandpa).

Eliza and Poppy Building her Swing Set

She helped him build it. That was darn cute.

Eliza and Poppy Building her Swing Set

But with the yard awesomeness comes work. Our first order of business? We are digging up all of the daffodil and crocus bulbs that were spread randomly around the yard. And by randomly, we mean randomly. There were bunches of flowers all about with no rhyme or reason. We’re guessing that our yard used to house a happy little mole or gofer that moved all the bulbs about.

Random Flowers

We’re going to plant them in a nice little row so that our flowers will make sense next Spring.

Here’s the thing; this is taking a lot longer than I thought it would. It takes at least fifteen minutes per flower cluster! Those things are pretty deep into the ground and are holding on for dear life. And we have at least a dozen. We need to get all of them up so that we can kill off our yard weeds (we don’t have any grass at all; we have to start from scratch). It’s a bit late to be planting grass, but we didn’t know that until just now. So I’m trying to hurry with the flowers.


Did you know digging up flowers works out your butt? Mine feels like it’s going to fall off. I actually really enjoyed digging them up while I was doing it (there’s just something about touching dirt that brings back childhood), but I didn’t realize until later how much exercise is involved! Maybe I’m just really out of shape.

Part of me misses just having the park across the street from the loft. I could visit the grass there, but I didn’t have to take care of it. I’m an indoor girl, honestly.


It’s worth it, though. Eliza loved tugging the bulbs out with all her might. She also delighted in finding all of the hidden life in the dirt. Who knew so many bugs, worms, and creepy crawlies were down there? We also hit a tree root about five feet away from the tree, so we had fun talking about roots. Eliza thought it was magical that the tree goes so far beyond what she can see.


And Jonas enjoys napping in the shade.

We’re still learning, but we’ll be planing Eliza’s Easter seeds next. Then we’ll try our hand at starting a compost so we can do real gardening next year. Baby steps, folks.

Jake and I both have black-as-night thumbs, so if anyone has gardening advice or favorite gardening websites for novices (we just want to know how to keep the easy stuff going- no fancy flower gardening or landscaping for us), we’d appreciate the knowledge!

P.S. We also have a surprise redbud tree!

Redbud Tree