365 2011:  Week 15

Day 99. Jake and I outside of Murray’s, the best ice cream in town. We’ll blog about the ice cream shop soon, we promise. Yum! It was a freak weather day in the 90s. We’re a little ashamed, but we drove even though it is less than 2 miles away. Hopefully we won’t be that lazy over the summer.

Day 100. I got my very first woodworking lesson from Poppy!

Day 101. Eliza is such a good big sister. She loves “reading” books to Jonas. I didn’t realize how many of her books she has practically memorized. She’ll recite her favorites and will only be off by a few words. She also likes to make up stories to the pictures in new books. Jonas squeals!

Day 102. Okay, so this is a funny story. Jake and I had been making fun of all of the super fat birds in the neighborhood. We thought they were loading up on french fries from dumpsters (we’ve got a LOT of restaurants around here). But then we realized that they are pregnant. Ooooh. We feel dumb. Sorry for calling you fat, mama robin.

Day 103. We love that we can hang our hammock on the front porch. It’s a nice lazy way to spend warm evenings.

Day 104. Nick likes the hammock too. He serenades us with his guitar.

Day 105. Eliza modeled for a U.S. Toys catalog (one of our friends works there). Photo by Chris Vleisides.

365 2011: Week 16

Day 106. Eliza, Jonas, and I have been walking to the Filling Station for coffee. They actually have really yummy decaf esspresso, which is a big deal to me because I hate decaf. Yuk. Eliza is fancy, she orders her hot chocolate with a shot of hazelnut. If you live in Kansas City, you HAVE to go there to get a chocolate croissant. Only not right now, because we bought them out. Seriously.

Day 107. Poppy and Eliza build her new swing set.

Day 108. Eliza gets domestic. She’s pretending to iron clothes with a mini Heidi Swapp ribbon iron (which barely works- I hate it). Don’t worry; it’s not plugged in. She folded them in a neat pile. I think it’s cool that she has fun pretending to do the things that I consider mundane.

Day 109. The epic Monterey Jack burrito at Manny’s. It’s probably the most in-authentic Mexican food ever, but it is so good.

Day 110. We did a fun family photo shoot. You can see the rest of the photos here.

Day 111. Jonas with Uncle Nick. They love to chill.

Day 112. You can’t really tell in the bad phone photo, but Harvey is holding one of Eliza’s Disney Princess ice packs up to his ribs. LOL. He bruised them playing flag football.

365 2011: Week 17

Day 113. Our first craft fair.

Day 114. Easter!

Day 115. Jonas tries his first bite of rice cereal. He thinks it is weird. We’re using Earth’s Best Whole Grain Organic Rice Cereal. He’s currently having one teaspoon a day mixed with three teaspoons of breast milk. He spits 50% back at us, but he has fun.

Day 116. I just thought this was cool. Those letters are huge monograms on cathedral doors for a wedding. They are Eliza’s initials (EA). I might put the full sized photo in her room.

Day 117. I’m posing for my March Reads post.

Day 118. Our friend Megan F. (aka Megan 2) came into town! She lives in Lincoln, NE but is considering moving back to Kansas City (we may get a new roomie!). She’s getting ready for an interview in this photo.

It’s confusing that there are two Megans. Harvey suggested that I be called Epic Megan and Megan F. be called Megan the Destroyer. Lol.

Day 119. So Megan F. looks like a supermodel, eh? We’re at City Market Coffeehouse, my very favorite coffeehouse in the city. Megan being here was not good for my coffee budget. I now have to brew only at home for 3 weeks.

Hopefully the next 365 post won’t be three weeks smooshed together. But they are harder to compile now that we’re taking more photos with our phones. I have to track down the pictures on multiple devices.

What have you been up to? Anything interesting?