Week 18

Day 120. As I said in Week 17, our good friend Megan D. came to stay with us for a few days. She lives in Nebraska, but we’re hoping to get her to settle into the Nest. We have to help her find the perfect social work job in KC first, though.

Day 121. Super Jonas! I don’t know what Jake used to draw on the baby, but it was completely cleaned off by the time I got home. Otherwise someone would have had a talking to.

Day 122. Eliza with her new Star Wars Lego set. She had more fun playing with it after it was all put together than she did building it, but I think she enjoyed the journey and the destination. Legos bring Jake straight back to his childhood, so he had a ton of fun with her. We’ll be buying the NASA ones sometimes soon.

Day 123. Eliza and I become gardeners. Sort of.

Day 124. This is what happens when Eliza dresses herself (which is when Jake is in charge of getting her ready).

Day 125. Jonas at his 4 month check-up.

Day 126. Eliza and I reading Harry Potter before bed. This is our first “big kid chapter book”. As the bedtime stories were getting longer and longer, I realized that Eliza was retaining pretty complicated storylines with very few pictures. We also read when we’re all in the car together instead of listening to the radio sometimes, and we realized that she was picking up on the stories. Time to break out the big books, we said. We decided on Harry Potter because we thought it would be a little easier for her to keep all of the characters straight since she’s seen the movies. We’ve been reading a chapter a day before bed (sometimes in her room, sometimes in ours, sometimes on the front porch). I ask her questions after reading each chapter to make sure she got everything (she gets it) and we talk about what’s already happened before we start reading a new chapter. I’m pretty darn proud of our little nerd-in-training. As a result of this venture, Jake will now make me read completely normal things (like Eliza’s summer school forms) in a Dumbledore voice.

That was our week 18! What’s been going on with you lately?