Friday April 1st was super busy. I hosted Stitch and Bitch (a knitting group a few friends from high school asked me to join).

Jerusalem Cafe

We went to Jerusalem Cafe (one of my very favorite restaurants) for dinner and then headed to Murray’s for ice cream. My phone died before I could take any more pictures.

I got the flavor “a praline and a bean walk into a bar…”, which was delicious. And I love the name. I was singsonging it in my head all weekend. We then we knitted and gabbed for a few hours. During this time my little sister Taylor helped watch the kids. Her awesome friend Chris and boyfriend Antoine stopped by too.



Jake helped our bestie Harvey move the last few things out of his apartment. Harvey is staying on our third floor for a few weeks until he can find an awesome enough place in the area to rent. He’s having trouble finding a fenced in back yard for his puppies. So now our house is like an episode of Full House. Jake, Harvey, and Lisa (Harvey’s awesome fiancee) went to Fric and Frac’s for dinner.

P. S. Parenting fail: Eliza asked me if she could sew on her sewing machine while I knitted while I had my Stitch and Bitch party. She didn’t know she was saying a bad word, she just knew that was what it was called. I don’t even recall saying that around her. REMINDER: KIDS ARE SPONGES. Oops.

Eliza on Playground
Eliza on Playground

Eliza on Playground

On Saturday Eliza had Spanish class in the morning; she played on the playground with some of her friends from class afterward. She’s definitely getting more comfortable with kids her own age. I then abandoned ship and went to my favorite antique store, River Market Antiques, all by myself. We then had to rush to get the kids together for an awesome BBQ with Jake’s team at work. Jake’s friend Qian Rong from work took a ton of awesome pictures:

Aren’t these lovely? I love how clear the eyes are. Qian is a great photographer. He made us want a nicer camera really bad! You can see the rest of Qian’s photos of the BBQ here.


We had a lot of fun. Eliza made two new friends and Jonas even had a little baby to play with. They stared at each other during tummy time. Jake played a lot of frisbee and I enjoyed talking to the other moms and mom-to-bes (Jake’s team at work is a fertile bunch). My sister Taylor spent the night and hung out with us Sunday.

I spent Sunday at my aunt Beth’s. She’s on bed rest, so I’ve been going over about once a week to help keep her entertained. Bed rest is boring business (for her). My grandpa (Poppy) took Eliza to see Hop so that Beth wouldn’t have a full house all day. Eliza is really well behaved, but she’s also a loud little person. Eight straight hours probably would have been a little much for Beth. She fell asleep in the car on the way back; I thought it was funny that she was holding the cotton candy like a teddy bear.

Eliza with Cotton Candy

Jake drove out and we all had dinner together. We then had a crazy storm. It was 90 degrees all day (beating the current record by 10 degrees) and then a cold front swooped in with crazy winds, hail, and rain that felt like it was falling horizontally. We camped out at Jake’s parents’ house during the storm.

Storm's a comin'!

Telling you all of this will make some of our next 365 2011 post redundant, but we had too many good photos from the weekend to share with you!



How was your weekend?