Royals v. White Sox

Nick was off work on Tuesday and had the idea for all of us to go to a Royals game as part of his effort to make sure our kids don’t grow up TOO nerdy. I’m pretty sure sports had never been on the television at our house until Nick moved in. He’s working hard to get Eliza and Jonas interested in our local teams.

Nick, Eliza, Jonas and Jake at Royals Stadium

Eliza actually loves baseball. We’ve taken her to see the minor league team the T-Bones every summer since she was one (see a scrapbook page of Eliza @ age 1 at a T-Bones game here) and she’s always been mesmerized. However, my Uncle Jim has season tickets to the T-Bones, so this is the first time we’ve actually paid to go see sports. But at $5.00 a ticket, you can’t really go wrong.

Eliza at Royals Game

Of course, there’s also the $10.00 parking and the very expensive concession food. (Don’t you love the condiments smeared all over Eliza’s face?) It all ended up about the price of dinner and a movie, so this was a reasonably priced adventure.

Jake and Jonas at Royals Game

There’s also a cool kid’s center with a playground and various activities. Though the activities are pricey ($2.00 for a carosel ride? Shouldn’t that be, like, 25 cents? I feel old), the area is a lot of fun and was a good way for her to get out all of her excess energy before we left.

E on Royals Carousel

Royals Carousel

Oh, apparently you can’t bring knitting needles into the ballpark. I didn’t know they were crazy like airport security. My bad.

Since the game sparked E’s interest, Nick has been teaching her the rules of baseball by playing kickball with her in the back yard. I’m pretty sure he wins the Uncle of the year award.

Jonas and Jake @ Royals Stadium

And Jonas now demands that “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” is sung to him during diaper changes.

Royals v. White Sox

Do you go see your local sports teams?