We’re up to our kneecaps in Nerd Nest goodies for the craft fair around here and are quickly loosing steam. So I thought I’d do a little post to give myself some motivation. Because when we’re all done with this crazy craft fair business, I get to go take some more woodworking lessons with Poppy (my grandpa).

Table Saw. Eeek!

I’ve always loved Poppy’s wood shop. I loved sweeping the sawdust and brushing it off of the machines when I was little. The smell of sawdust always brings me home.

Poppy is an amazing woodworker (we’ll have a post showing you all of the awesome stuff he’s made around our house as soon as we can get a non-gloomy day to take photos). We love handmade wooden furniture. It is sturdy, beautiful, and lasts forever. We can’t bring ourselves to settle on the box store prices for furniture. Thousands of dollars and not even real wood? We’ll pass.

It’s a logical step that we start to learn woodworking now that we have a home of our own. I get to learn first. Jake gets to go second :)

Megan Learning Woodworking

Poppy has a jump-right-in-there teaching style. Which is a little scary for me, as I generally research a ton before doing anything. But he taught me how to use all those giant saws the same way he taught me to ski when I was seven: skip the bunny slope and go straight for the green (which are the easy runs if you aren’t familiar with skiing. But the bunny slope is what wee ones generally start on).

I thought that the saws would be really scary (you can easily loose a finger, after all), but using the band saw felt really similar to sewing. I got my groove pretty quick.

Megan's First Cuts

Our first project together is the little chair in the background of this photo of Poppy. He reverse engineered it.

Poppy in his Shop

The back of the chair lowers, so it is a step stool too! Pretty awesome. We’re making one for Eliza & Jonas and one for Nathan, who will be born sometime in the next month. Yay!

Okay, I think I’m motivated to go back to mass producing now!