How about a peek into our holiday? Okay then.

Our Easter

Eliza is an unusual child. Most kids wake up on their own at around 4:00 A.M. out of excitement on holidays, but we have to wake Eliza up. Jonas, Jake, and I were completely dressed and hygiened before we woke her up.


We all ended up in red, but not on purpose.


Eliza was thrilled to find a trail of Easter candy (mostly Nerds- the Easter Bunny knows us well) from her room to her Easter basket downstairs.

Easter Trail

Easter Trail

Easter Trail

Five points to the first person to notice a hidden Easter Egg in a very special place in the background!

The Easter Bunny left Eliza a gardening starter set with tons of tiny potted seeds and a little rake and shovel. And no little garden is complete without a garden gnome, so she received a gnome painting kit.

Eliza's Easter Basket 2012

Eliza then searched for plastic eggs that the Easter Bunny had hidden about.

Hidden Egg

We all loved watching her try to find them all.

Jonas, Megan & Charcoal

They had Littlest Pet Shop animals in them instead of candy!



Easter Bunny Surprise!

Jonas got little chimes for his car seat. He’s grabbing for things now; it’s so fun to hear him jingling when he’s back there.

Jonas' Easter Basket

Jake and Jonas

Jake and Jonas

Our first stop after doing the bunny thing at our house was Jake’s grandparents. Eliza had so much fun with all of her cousins!

Anderson Family Easter 2012

Eliza, Cora, and Natalie

[photo by Annie Aust]

Jonas and his baby cousin Vera liked looking at each other.

Baby Vera

[photo by Annie Aust]

They got a little competitive when the time came to search for eggs.


Jake’s brother Corbin was looking dashing, as always.


After hanging out with the Andersons, we went to my Great-Grandpa’s to spend time with my Mom’s side of the family.


Easter Eggs

Jonas got his first Easter egg. He liked to shake it, but otherwise wasn’t to interested.

Megan & Jonas

Jonas' First Easter

Megan & Jake

My Aunt Beth is going to have a little Nathan any day now! We’re so excited!

Beth (& Nathan)

We intended to go home after my family’s party, but we decided to go to Jake’s Dad’s for his Stepmom’s family party. It was great, because we don’t get to see the extended side of that part of the family as often. We’re going to have to do a belated Easter with my Dad and Jake’s Mom. Holidays with split families are so hectic.

Anywho, we had the yummiest dinner I think I’ve ever had. Steak, tiny roasted potatoes (some of them were PURPLE!), mushrooms, broccolini… Yum!

Eliza's Billionth Pillow Pet

Eliza received a pig Pillow Pet for her collection. We think it’s cute that she likes to collect things because we do.

We went home and all promptly fell asleep :)

Easter Decor

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it!

Easter Decor