Eliza had her Kindergarten evaluation this week. She was so excited to see her school!

Eliza at her Kindergarten Evaluation

E’s school tests incoming Kindergartners so that they will know what level the incoming kids are on. We think that’s great; teachers will actually know where to start with kids. They will know who needs extra help ahead of time. Doing this also gives them something to compare to when they test again at the end of the school year. Awesome.

I was kept busy with paperwork and a napping Jonas while Eliza completed her test. She visited different “stations”; it was almost like a carnival with activities. She had so much fun that I don’t think she even knew that they were trying to test her development. She still hasn’t stopped talking about it. She was really proud that she knew that the little dot on the page of a book means you pause your voice. How she picked up the concept of a period, I have no idea.

Eliza at her Kindergarten Evaluation

I know how she did on her evaluation doesn’t really matter because kids learn at their own pace, but I’m still really proud of her performance. She scored in the 76th percentile in her age group for motor skills (She can’t catch a ball, but we already knew that. The poor kid has my hand-eye coordination.), the 70th percentile for concepts, and the 95th percentile for language. Way to go E!

This process kind of made me realize that I should be asking her more questions and talking to her about the things she observes more. I’d like to know more about how the cogs in her little head turn.


I’m glad that Eliza is excited for school now. She was a little apprehensive about it (“Why can’t I just stay home with you? You can teach me things like you do now.”), but she’s on board now that she met some interesting grown-ups, realized that there will be tons of kids to hang out with, and learned that the other kids don’t know French yet either. She was ecstatic when she saw my pictures of these cows. “You mean I get to do projects at school!?! Those are made out of paper!” She’s also really excited about using her lunch box. Which is great, because at $3.00 for a hot lunch, Eliza is definitely going to be bringing lunch from home.

I can’t believe that we’re going to have a school aged kid in just a few short months! Do any parents out there have any pearls of wisdom for the transition into school?