Get ready for masses of babies.

Karson, Jonas, and Miles

We are so lucky to have big families! My family is pretty darn big, but it is teeny tiny compared to Jake’s. His dad has NINE brothers and sisters and most of them have somewhere between seven and three kids (those that have started having kids, anyway). So some of Jake’s Aunts and Uncles have kids the same age as our kids and some of his cousins have kids the same age as our kids. Huge family.

The year Eliza was born, there were three other babies within a year of her. All girls. She has five cousins on that side of the family that are within two years of her age. She loves her cousins; they are her best friends.

Jonas has the same cousin benefit. So far on Jake’s side there are three cousins his age! And there’s another one on the way.

Miles, Jonas, and Karson

Jonas got to hang out with his two boy cousins for the first time last weekend. From left to right- Miles (7 months), Jonas (3 months), and Karson (6 months). They were so funny looking at each other and laughing.

Miles, Jonas, and Karson

Karson kept trying to eat Jonas’ head, which was hilarious. Bwains! Nom nom nom.

Miles, Jonas, and Karson

We’d pull him away, but he’d go right back for more. Karson wasn’t so interested in Miles’ head, so we think that maybe Karson liked Jonas’ shampoo.

We missed one of the babies at the party (they left right before we came), but Jonas did get to meet his cousin Vera on St. Patrick’s Day. She’s two weeks older than J.

Vera and Jonas

They stared each other to sleep.

Vera and Jonas

Sorry these photos aren’t amazing; we didn’t have much light. Washed out baby photos are better than no baby photos at all, we always say.

Vera and Jonas

And now this song is stuck in my head.

Jonas and Eliza don’t just have cousins on Jake’s side. They each have at least one cousin their age on every side of the family (Jake and I both have two sets of parents, so we have four family sets – yikes!). We’re so thankful that our kids have built-in buddies for their whole lives!

And just in case you didn’t get your whole baby fix:

Miles - 7 months

Jonas - 3 months

Karson - 6 months