Anderson Family

We saw this fun ABC blog survey over on our buddy Allie’s blog and we thought that we’d share ours. Get ready to get to know the members of the Anderson family a little bit better.



Age: 23

Bed size: Full

Chore you hate: Putting away laundry (but I love doing it and folding it).

Dogs: Won’t have one until the kids are old enough to pooper scoop. We’re cat (and hedgehog) people, honestly.

Essential start of your day: Well, it was coffee. But since I’m breastfeeding I’m on a decaf tea kick. Decaf coffee is disgusting. I know. I’m a snob. Also essential: Jonas and Eliza snuggle time.

Gold or silver: Silver or white gold.

Height: Five one and three fourths of and inch.

Instruments I play (or have played): Violin (up until 7th grade) and electric bass (in a series of terrible garage bands).

Job title: Stay at home mama, Maker of stuff/ finder of vintage, aspiring novelist, career student.

Kids: Jonas & Eliza.

Live: Wesport, KCMO.

Mom’s name: Julie

Nickname: Meg, Megeles

Overnight hospital stays: Baby having.

Pet peeve: Dirty socks on the floor.

Quote from a movie: “Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken.” -Fight Club

Right or left handed: Right.

Siblings: Taylor, Dustin (estranged), Jordan, Krysten & Dustin, Travis & Cheryl, Aaron & Jessica (I’ve got a lot of step siblings, the “&”s are couples, see Jake’s answer for the in-laws). And Harvey might as well be my brother. E calls him “Uncle Harvey”.

Time you wake up: I shoot for 9:00 A.M.

Underwear: Comfy cotton.

Vegetables you dislike: Raw onions.

What makes you run late: Getting everybody together, loosing things.

X-rays you’ve had done: Dental, fractured finger, kidney stone.

Yummy food you make: My specialty is chicken tikka masala (I’ll have to share the recipe soon).

Zoo animal: Red panda. Aw!




Age: 24

Bed size: Full

Chore you hate: My least favorite chore is cleaning the kitchen.

Dogs: Dogs smell really bad, but they seem like fun…

Essential start of your day: I have to read the news, read my e-mail, and check the weather and all that. I’m an old man. LOL.

Gold or silver: Silver.

Height: Five nine.

Instruments I play (or have played): Trombone, Didgeridoo, Harmonica and I can play “Amazing Grace” on the recorder.

Job title: Solution Works Technical Support Analyst, Daddy, Maker of stuff/ finder of vintage.

Kids: Jonas and Eliza?

Live: Awesome old house in old neighborhood in Westport.

Mom’s name: Karen.

Nickname: Jake. [I call him bunny... long story]

Overnight hospital stays: Expensive! I almost drowned when I was little. And I slept at the hospital with Megan after both kids were born.

Pet peeve: Nagging.

Quote from a movie: “My dad is such a great salesman he can sell a ketchup Popsicle to a woman in white gloves.” -Tommy Boy

Right or left handed: Right.

Siblings: Nick, Corbin, and Savannah (read Megan’s for the in-laws).

Time you wake up: 7:15 A.M.

Underwear: Hanes boxers.

Vegetables you dislike: Asparagus. It makes your pee stink.

What makes you run late: Megan. Getting things ready. [Because he's not helping! LOL.]

X-rays you’ve had done: Ribs when I swallowed a marble, my wrist when I broke it, my leg when Megan broke it, and teeth at the dentist.

Yummy food you make: Pancakes, French bread… I make some killer toast.

Zoo animal: Elephant or giraffe.




Age: 5

Bed size: Full + trundle (we’re looking for a twin so I’ll have more room for my awesome stuff)

Chore you hate: Cleaning my room. But I love scrubbing floors. [Go figure.]

Dogs: I like them, but they are a little crazy. They, like, lick me and stuff. Like Duke [Meg's mom's great Dane] does.

Essential start of your day: I like to put my slippers on.

Gold or silver: I like both.

Height: Three feet, five and a half inches (Mommy helped with the measuring).

Instruments I play (or have played): Recorder, [out-of-tune] piano. [Self taught. Hah!]

Job title: I was thinking my job could be to be a painter. Painting pictures and giving them to the museum! [Last week she wanted to be a nurse. Then a waitress. Everything is pretty much cool right now.]

Kids: I AM a kid! I take care of my kitties and my hedgehog, though.

Live: In Missouri.

Mom’s name: Megan Anderson.

Nickname: “E”, Eli, E.B., Eeebs, Liza, Lighzy.

Overnight hospital stays: Not since I was a teeny tiny baby.

Pet peeve: Jonas crying.

Quote from a movie: “With great power comes great responsibility.” -Spiderman

Right or left handed: Right handed.

Siblings: One, and he’s a brother. Jonas. But I’m gonna have a sister someday. Well, I don’t know if really if it will be a girl or a boy, but someday we’ll have another brother or sister or something.

Time you wake up: I forgot. [We're working on getting up at 9:00 A.M., but we've been a sleep-till-11 kind of people up until now. We're trying to get ready for school time].

Underwear: The kind that has really colorful things.

Vegetables you dislike: Onions!

What makes you run late: Ashes [the kitten] because when I’m going to leave, she keeps wanting pets so I can’t leave because I have to give her pets.

X-rays you’ve had done: None.

Yummy food you make: All by myself or with my mommy and daddy? With help I can make all kinds of stuff! I like my Easy Bake oven.

Zoo animal: One’s a zebra and the scary one is kind of my favorite and it’s a lion. Oh, and a tiger.




Age: 4 months [almost]

Bed size: Crib.

Chore you hate: Peeing. Not a fan of the wetness, people.

Dogs: Blur.

Essential start of your day: Milkies!

Gold or silver: Shiny!

Height: Two feet.

Instruments I play (or have played): I don’t mean to brag but I play a pretty mean rattle.

Job title: Professional infant.

Kids: I like it when they play with me :)

Live: With my Mommy and Daddy.

Mom’s name: Mommy. Duh.

Nickname: Jonas Bonus, Jaybird

Overnight hospital stays: I was born.

Pet peeve: Where are my milkies?!? Oh, and I am wet again.

Quote from a movie: What’s a movie?

Right or left handed: I have hands! I just discovered them.

Siblings: Eliza is silly.

Time you wake up: 6:45 with Daddy’s alarm and then 9:00 with Mommy.

Underwear: Cloth.

Vegetables you dislike: Tomatoes (when my Mommy eats them, I throw up).

What makes you run late: Wet diapers.

X-rays you’ve had done: Nope.

Yummy food you make: I can make food? I though just Mommies can make food.

Zoo animal: I haven’t been to the zoo yet, but I sure do like the zebra on my swing mobile.

So that’s a bit about us! If you want to know more, you can “send us a question” through Formspring. There’s a widget on the far right sidebar there. After all, secrets don’t make friends :)

Anderson Family

P.S. There’s some awesome stuff in these photos that we’ll be sourcing after all of the craft fair craziness dies down.

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