Here’s two weeks of 365 photos in one post!

365 2011 Week 13

Day 85. We went to a giant family party on Jake’s side and Jonas got to meet his baby boy cousins for the first time!

Day 86. Jake and Eliza make Octopus and Cheese

Day 87. All smiles from Mr. Jonas! Here’s why.

Day 88. Eliza goes to her Kindergarten evaluation.

Day 89. Jonas at three months.

Day 90. We went to Uncle Corbin’s (Jake’s younger brother) high school talent show. He totally shredded on the electric guitar. You can see his band’s performance here. He even wrote it! Way to go, bro!

Day 91. I hosted this months Stitch and B*tch at our house and Jake helped our bestie Harvey move in. But you can read about all of that here. Oh, and the photo was taken in our neighborhood (we live in Westport and love that sign). It’s the only one I got before my phone died! Darn.

365 2011 Week 14

Day 92. We went to a big barbecue with Jake’s team at work. Again, you can read about it in this post. This is my favorite picture that we took at the event (How cute are Jonas’ hands in his pockets? Why do babies need pockets anyhow?). But the best photos were taken by Jake’s coworker and fellow photography enthusiast Qian.

Day 93. This day is still recorded in this post. This picture is of Eliza, who fell asleep with her cotton candy like it was a teddy bear. Aw.

Day 94. We’ve been spending a lot more time outside, since it has been nice out (off and on). I took this photo over our fence. The fence pictured is our next door neighbors’ and the barn-looking garage is two houses down from ours. Can you spot the blue jay? Yay Spring!

Day 95. We went to a Royals game.

Day 96. Jonas figured out how to hold on to toys! This is one of those things that is only super exciting if you are a parent. Because he is seriously a different baby. Wow! That looks cool! Can I grab it! Oops! Dropped it! Will you get it for me? Thanks (haaa). I wonder how it tastes? Nom nom nom. This stage is seriously cute.

Day 97. We look a nice long walk to the Plaza (we love being in walking distance of several distinct districts in the city). Daffodils, tulips, and flowered trees were everywhere! Eliza found these green tree flowers that matched her coat :) We looked around at Urban Outfitters and had dinner at Noodles and Company. They have the best mac and cheese ever. And they have an Ohio Art tin lithographed globe on their website, which makes them that much cooler (we [and by we I mean I] collect those).

Parenting Tips: Don’t be afraid to have your kids walk long distances. The walk is 2 miles (4 miles round trip). We found that Eliza can make walks this distance as long as there is a break in between. So four miles is no problem, so long as we eat or sit in a coffeeshop or hang out in a park for a while half way through. Sometimes she wants to take a break and sit on a curb for a minute. That’s okay. Establish exercising habits early. We bring crayons and coloring books to restaurants that don’t have them already. Jonas is also good on these long walks. He generally sleeps while he’s in his stroller, so we use the break time for any feeding or diaper changing that may be needed. This sort of movement can jack up and infant’s sleeping schedule though, so try to time long walks with naps. If you have doubts about your walking kid making the distance, bring a stroller that you can break out in case of little legs turning into Jello. Put a stuffed animal, doll, or action figure in it while you walk so that it is clear to the bitty one that the stroller is not really there for them. This prevents early cop outs.

Day 98. Because I almost never remember to put pictures of me into these things. Jake took this photo with his phone. We are loving the (free) FxCamera Android app.

That’s our past two weeks (up to last Friday) in a nutshell! What have you been up to?