We Love 3

1. Quaker Dinosaur Eggs Oatmeal: Eliza and I have been eating a ton of oatmeal lately, so when we saw a box with dinosaurs on it at the grocery store it quickly made its way into our cart. We friggin’ love dinosaurs. Eliza felt like a scientist mixing in the boiling water and searching for the little dinosaurs that melted out of the eggs. Because who doesn’t like to play with their food? There are cons to this product, of course. Chef and blogger Rob Endelman makes a good point as to why these are a bad idea here. Eliza likes normal oatmeal just fine, but we’re nerds. We like dinosaurs. We wanted to see them hatch. We talked about which animals come out of eggs and which animals don’t. It was a learning moment. Hooray.

2. Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo & Conditioner: We’ve all been using this for a year now (except for baby Jonas, of course) and we absolutely love it. We all have super oily hair (I used to have to wash mine more than once a day sometimes), but these products knocked our oilies in the water (literally?). Now if we wash our hair everyday, it will get DRY. We didn’t even think that was possible. But this stuff causes our locks to stay yummy smelling and shiny clean for at least 48 hours in between washes. Plus, the tea tree oil makes your head feel all fresh and tingly. Minty almost. That part prevents dandruff, which is nice. Thanks to our aspiring stylist friend Justen for telling us about it!

P.S. This stuff isn’t cheap, but a liter of shampoo lasts the three of us 6 months and a our liter of conditioner lasted us all year. We wait for the bi-yearly Beauty Brands liter sale to stock up.

3. Wilton Alphabet Cookie Cutters: How much more fun could cookie cutters get? There aren’t only letters in here. There’s also numbers, punctuation, and math symbols. So you can do your homework and eat it too. Eliza had fun making gingerbread cookies that spelled everyone’s names. We’re using them for simple addition problems this week; they cut clay too!

4.Netflix: We love being able to watch movies instantly on-line! Many the shows we love, like Buffy, Firefly, Aaaahhh! Real Monsters, Dexter (Seasons 1 & 2), Sid the Science Kid, Pushing Daisies, and Lost, are available on Instant. We don’t have cable, and we end up watching less TV this way. But at a better quality. We don’t get sucked into a marathon of John and Kate Plus 8 just because it is on.

5. Freaks and Geeks: Speaking of Netflix, we’ve been getting these discs in the mail and are absolutely in love. This show was totally underrated; it is so so funny! The young cast gets better as the show goes on. We can’t believe how many big stars got their start on here. Plus, I have a thing for James Franco. Mostly because he looks so much like James Dean, whom I am obsessed with.

What do you love lately?