This is the baby edition of “We Love”!

Jonas will be getting a new cousin in a few weeks. My Aunt Beth (who is only five years older than me, so she’s more like my sister) just had her baby shower. We thought really hard about our favorite gifts from Eliza’s shower before we stuffed Beth’s gift bag full of goodies. Clothes and cute little blankets are great, but we remembered that we appreciated (an used) the practical things the most. So here’s our list of practical baby shower gift bag musts:

We Love 5

1. My mom bought this Johnson’s Baby Gift Set, Bedtime Sweet Sleep Set Basket for Jonas, and we love it! It not only has a board-book version of one of our favorite children’s books, it also has about enough baby hygienic gear to last a year. We thought the lavender smelled a little girly at first (not that it really matters), but it leaves J. smelling baby fresh. Lavender is supposed to be soothing… we don’t know how true that is (warm water period probably makes him sleepy). But he seems to like it. So we hope baby Nathan will like it too.

2. We first bought Boudreaux’s Butt Paste when we Eliza was a baby because we thought it was funny. But then we turned into loyal customers. Why is this diaper rash cream better than the other brands out there? Well, it isn’t greasy, which is super nice. And it doesn’t have a strong smell (when we use other brands, our fingers smell like the cream for hours no matter how many times we wash). Best of all, it works very well. Jonas gets diaper rashes very rarely, but we throw this on if his little bum is looking even slightly pink. By the next diaper change, the pink is gone.

3. Gerber Prefold Birdseye Diapers are a repeat from another “We Love”, but we put them in the gift bag, so we’re talking about them again here. This is what we said: “We don’t actually use these as diapers, even though we’re going with cloth. They’re too bulky for little Jonas for now. Instead we use them as burp cloths and as impromptu changing pads. We also lay one down under Jonas’ rear when we change him so we don’t have to wash his changing pad cover so often.”

4. We actually don’t have a preference for baby laundry detergent (we usually buy whatever is on sale), but Dreft is one of the brands we trust. We go through a ton of detergent using Cloth Diapers, but disposable diaper parents will go through a fair amount as well. We think detergent makes a great shower gift, as parents will need to pre-wash all of those cute clothes they get from the shower before baby comes!

5. Mom needs baby gear too. As a breastfeeding mom, I love NUK Reusable Breast Pads. I don’t have to worry about springing a leak (yikes!) and it’s nice to be able to throw them in the wash to use them again. I used cotton disposables with Eliza and hated them. I kept running out. Plus they stuck on and left little fuzzies behind. Not pleasant. These are much better.

6. Speaking of breastfeeding gear, Lansinoh Lanolin is one of my very favorite products ever. It helps keep things from getting chapped and is very soothing. I used it after every feeding when both Jonas and Eliza were newborns (for about two weeks). It really helps reduce soreness and makes getting into the flow of breastfeeding easier.