We Love 4

1. I’m loving this Candid Candelabra Jewelry Stand. I keep it on my nightstand; it holds my wedding ring when I take it off to put on lotion and whatever jewelry I wore during the day. I usually put the jewelry away in the morning. I love that this looks fancy but was super inexpensive.

2. Eliza and I are in love with Yoplait Strawberry Cheesecake Yogurt. Nothing like food that is good for you that tastes like dessert. We like to eat it as a before-bed snack. It keeps me out of the Oreos.

3. Eliza has found a renewed interest in her Play Doh this past week. She has the giant Create ‘n Play Canister set and loves cutting out shapes, making fake pasta (“but make sure not to REALLY eat it, Mommy, or you’ll get an upset tummy”), and oozing it through her fingers.

4. The Toilet Tissue Holder/ Roll Reserve may not be the most stylish buy, but it was the perfect solution for our master bathroom. We needed a free-standing holder because the toilet is so close the the wall that a normal one would be awkward. The sink and storage is on the other side of the room, so having extra rolls right there is a must. (The cats declared the extra rolls on the back of the toilet to be toys).

5. Jake’s not a big fan, but Eliza and I are newly obsesed with Izze. Our favorite flavor is sparkling clementine. It’s a nice alternative to pop when you need something sweet.

6. We’re loving Old Navy comic graphic tees for Jonas. We socked up on superheros, but were super disappointed that there weren’t any left in E’s size.

7. We told you that we love Everyday with Rachel Ray in yesterday’s What’s for Dinner post, but we thought we’d tell you again. The recipes almost always work for us. Jake and I both love picking up extra tips and tricks that make us better at-home chefs.