One of our very favorite places to go for supplies in Kansas City is Urban Arts & Crafts. Urban is an upscale craft store with a little bit of everything: fabric, scrapbooking and paper crafting supplies, yarn, jewelry making supplies, patterns, locally handmade items, and everything in between.

Urban Arts and Crafts

I spend a lot of time drooling over the Amy Butler and Heather Baily fabrics. They have some awesome Japanese import prints too! Jake doesn’t like to let me go to Urban by myself because I won’t necessarily keep my spending in check if he’s not with me…

I have a weakness.

Urban Arts and Crafts

There are some parts of Urban I just gaze at for now. For instance, I’m a beginning knitter, so I know that now is not the time to buy yarn at Urban. The quality of the Urban supplies is so high that the price tag often isn’t worth it for a beginner. And, honestly, one of the main reasons we like handmade for our home decor (other than the individuality factor) is that it is cheaper to DIY. But when you start making scarves with alpaca and bunny yarn, it is not cheaper to DIY. (Note: it is definitely cheaper to make your own angora (bunny fur) scarf than it is to buy one. My point is that we’re not that fancy. We’ll make our own cotton yarn scarf rather than buy one.)

Urban Arts and Crafts

All of that isn’t meant to scare you off if you are a beginner. Urban has some awesome classes. We’re thinking about taking screen printing this summer, but we suspect we’ll be able to learn it on our own. It just might be less messy and mistake-expensive if we take a class.

Mom, Taylor, & Jonas at Urban Arts & Crafts

I might have to do a second post on Urban with more pictures later. Jake and E stayed home on this trip; I went with my mom and my sister Taylor to score some emergency “why didn’t I measure before I bought?” fabric. Jonas was super cute in the store, but he’s only tolerant of shopping for so long. I didn’t get all of the photos that I wanted. But I did get all of the fabric that I wanted. Yes I did.

I’m not ready to reveal my big curtain project (did I mention my “thanks Mom”?), so I’ll show you my favorite thing I’ve made with Urban supplies:

Yellow Brick Road Stage 1

This quilt was my first big sewing project. I made it on a quilting retreat with my mom (I’m hoping to go on another one this summer). It still hasn’t made it back from the quilters, but man will I be excited when I get it in my house.

Do you have a favorite local craft store? Do you try to go to local places like this one, or are you more of a big box store shopper? (We honestly do a little of both). Do you like high end supplies, middle of the road, or the cheap stuff? Tell us why!